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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by garrettgutierrez-72153 2 / 10 / 10

Horror Tropes: The Movie

We have all seen that horror movie where some dumb girlfriend goes into the creepy dark monster dungeon looking for her equally dumb boyfriend who was just killed by the monster only to be killed by the very same monster as punishment for being dumb. That is this movie, so you have already seen this movie. If I had to write a 2 page essay on the topic of what was unique about this movie, I would receive a failing grade. There is pretty much no question that this is a somewhat late attempt to cash in on the slenderman meme. If I had to describe the personalities of the lead characters in this film, the phrase "very afraid and doesn't want to die" would be used repeatedly. Many characters literally have no distinguishing personality traits beyond that. At least in crappy 80s horror there would be the jock and the bimbo and the nerd and the coward etc. Different characters to create some variety and keep that character interactions dynamic. The monster itself is a cartoon and the practical effects were basically the bare minimum (blood splatter, corpse without its head, etc.). Expect a lot of off screen deaths.

Reviewed by wandasomrajit 1 / 10 / 10

Terrible Acting

Very corny and campy. I usually like campy, because campy horror movies are usually funny. Unfortunately, this movie is not funny. The movie is not very good. Sone of the acting is terrible.

Reviewed by blood-lust666 1 / 10 / 10

Painful To Watch

I'm typically a fan of SyFy made-for-TV movies. Stickman, however, was terrifying for all the wrong reasons. The atmosphere was creepy and the creature was well done, so this could have been a great creature-feature. But, alas, this movie suffers from extremely poor writing. Just a few of the inconsistencies/nonsensical aspects of this movie: 1. If the poem is what summons the Stickman, why on earth was Emma carrying it around with her everywhere she went? Seriously?! If she knew if summoned an evil entity, shouldn't she have enough sense to destroy the piece of paper with the poem on it? I guess not. 2. Obviously, death scenes are the best part of horror movies....Unless you're talking about this movie. When the two women running the boarding house (the only adults conveniently) are killed Emma's first night at said boarding house...Well, it was very anticlimactic indeed. And then the 5 other girls boarding in said house don't bother calling the police even though they know Emma was locked in a psych ward for 7 years for killing her mom and sister. I just face-palmed at that entire scene. 3. Thinking the movie would turn around and get better, I kept watching. No such luck. Emma and two of the other girls drives back to Woodbury for 'answers' and, conveniently, there has been an escapee from the psych ward so they easily get in. I watch a lot of horror, so I understand defying belief, but common on! And, just to point out another wrinkle in the writing, why did she have to go back to Woodbury for answers when, earlier in the movie, she said she could trap the Stickman by drawing his picture? Why not just, I don't know, try drawing his picture? That seems a lot easier. But what do I know? And...that's where the movie ended for me. I just couldn't finish it. Believe me, this is a very rare thing for me to turn off a horror movie prematurely.

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