Stolen Identity


Mystery / Thriller

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November 28, 2020



Keiko Kitagawa as Harumi Hagio
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by chiumt 5 / 10 / 10

Tech Based Thriller

About social media, stolen identities and a serial killer. Formulaic. Campy. Acceptable thriller, but not much engagement with the audience.

Reviewed by mohammadirfan274 / 10

KITAGAWA KEIKO IS IN HER TOP FORM!! damn what a movie!! more than what i expected! suspense and twists all the way! might give you trauma!

Oh my God! what a movie! kitagawa keiko is in her toppest form of her career. indeed she is one of the terrific actress in the industry but this is the movie of next level and i am sure you haven't seen her like this getting mentally tortured in any of her other movies. her acting is superb and yes director has done brilliant job to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats!! the movie is full of twists and turns hence its an amazing flick to be enjoyed definitely in cinemas!! worth a watch!

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