Stonehenge Apocalypse



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Adrian Holmes as Somerville
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Torri Higginson as Kaycee
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cassmj 5 / 10 / 10

Above average SYFY movie

I was expecting the same 'ol SYFY, but instead found this to be above average for that network. The acting was fine -- sometimes actually good -- and the story was acceptable. They actually paid attention to small details as well, which added to the attraction. I was actually interested in most of the characters and wanted them to live; compare this to Princess of Mars where I wondered if there actually was a story, and didn't care if the characters disappeared. Some reviews here bashed the story, but I can only ask: did you forget this is SYFY? It's science "fiction" -- science "fact" appears on the Science Channel, History, National Geographic, etc. This is a fine SYFY story, enjoyable, and fun. Give it a shot.

Reviewed by charris-80-870166 4 / 10 / 10

Don't bother

If one wishes to make a motion picture in the Science Fiction genre, one should start with a reasonably valid premise and develop the plot around that premise. It makes the storyline more or less believable. Furthermore, the plot should be developed in a believable manner. The concept of detonating a nuclear device at the Stonehenge location by some American General, without a word of interference from the British people is a bit of an imaginative stretch to say the least. Furthermore, it conveys a condescending attitude and the impression that if the world is to be saved, it will be done by an American. Overall, the plot was trite and boringly predictable. Comparing this poorly thought out piece with '2012' (As seen on the DVD box cover) is ridiculous and serves only to engender further distrust of movie reviews. Having said that, I didn't think much of the concept behind '2012' either but at least the plot was interesting.

Reviewed by MartianOctocretr5 4 / 10 / 10

How the world might end on a low budget

The generic style title makes it sound going in like a just another end-of-everything flick, and OK to approach just as a mindless way to kill some time on a stay-in evening. It's got a limited budget as you'd expect, but the script manages to offer a few new ideas. Stonehenge, due to its mysterious origin, creator, and purpose, is ripe for one of these "way out" doomsday prophecy themed stories. Without giving away too much, weird stuff starts happening at the famous site. Other similar ancient shrines all over the world also seem to be effecting odd behavior. (Warning: essential cliché hero alert:) The hero is a brilliant rogue scientist who's into conspiracy theories, lol. Throw in a general who wants to nuke stuff, a cult with a demented prophet, some high powered alien contraptions, and an "ancient artifact" that looks like it was taken from a 1962 Ford Falcon. Oddly enough, the thread of the story is all tied together pretty nicely. The story is told well, although the resolution of things takes some doing to swallow. Cheap, but a fair way to spend some time.

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