Storm Over Asia


Drama / War

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mgmax 10 / 10 / 10

Like Napoleon, a dazzling editing tour-de-force

Contrary to what the English guy says (hey, the Brits are the bad guys in this movie, whaddaya expect), this is to my mind the most impressive work of Soviet silent cinema-- an epic with several dazzling sequences of rat-a-tat-tat editing that invite comparison with Gance's Napoleon, as well as a deliberate build to an explosive climax that, in its willingness to delay gratification until almost the breaking point, has the operatic grandeur of something like The Godfather. Highly recommended (in fact, highly recommended before you see less accessible works such as October or Potemkin).

Reviewed by premortem 9 / 10 / 10

Beautiful picture

Let me say this first: if you're willing to overlook the political message of the film and, instead, concentrate solely on its artistic qualities, you'll be more than satisfied. It has some of the most magnificent montage editing I've ever seen--quick and frenetic--and shows off the vast, open landscape quite well. There are a couple particularly memorable examples. At one point, a mountain rebel is on his deathbed; the film cuts between him dying and a sun low on the horizon, to touching effect. Later, a soldier executes an unarmed prisoner and feels some remorse as a shot of dirty, viscous mud is inserted, suggestive of the "muddy" morality here. And (spoiler) no audience could ever forget the climactic end of the film, with the protagonist going berserk and leading a small army against the government troops: wind blowing, knocking trees and soldiers over, while the rebels charge headlong. There are two storms in this last scene. A meteorological one, and a figurative, violent one. In short, Intelligent film-making with splendid cinematography and Soviet editing. (Even some canted frames, which I'd call innovative for such an early film.) Sure, the propaganda is conspicuous, but who cares? The techniques, the shots, are absolutely beautiful.

Reviewed by Boba_Fett1138 9 / 10 / 10

The "Lawrence of Arabia" of 1928.

Mongolia always had a certain appeal to me. If China and Russia were to have a baby, it would look like Mongolia. It's such an intriguing and beautiful looking place, with a nice and long culture, that we all yet know so little about. It always has served as a great backdrop for movies. The movie also focuses a lot on the Mongalian cultures, which also definitely makes this one of the least propaganda filled Russian movies of its period. because most movies were financed- and needed to be approved by the Communist party, who would of course often were making certain demands. I don't know what was the story behind this movie but my guess is it was pretty much the same. The backdrop and cultural themes within this movie make sure that it is a beautiful shot one to watch, with of course also some typical Russian fast editing, especially during the action sequences. And the movie does have some good action in it, although the movie is not halve as epic or action filled as its title would suggest, though in the end the movie still starts to show some epic properties, although this is mostly serves a purpose for the movie its symbolism. The ending is by the way quite solid and a rather unforgettable one. In essence the movie for some reason more reminded me of "Lawrence of Arabia", that was also more political and well layered, with different themes and culture-clashes in it, just as this movie is. Also both stories show definitely some similarities. I especially loved the political games within this movie, toward the ending. "Potomok Chingis-Khana" has really got a solid story! The movie was very well cast. All of the actors seemed to fill the roles right and strongly and had the right required looks for it, which was perhaps the most important aspect in '20's silent-movie casting. A great watch, also for especially those who like Russian cinema from the '20's but were never fond of the Comministic aspects and themes in it. 9/10

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