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Betsy Brandt as Topanga
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Tracie Thoms as Dr. Larson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Red-125 9 / 10 / 10

Boy meets girl. However, he's not just any boy.

Straight Up (2019) was written and directed by James Sweeney. Director Sweeney plays Todd, who has OCD and many, many phobias. Todd's friends know he's gay, Todd's therapist knows he's gay, and--I think--Todd knows he's gay. The problem is that Todd really doesn't want to be gay. He wants to be straight, especially after he meets Rory, portrayed by Katie Findlay. They are mutually attracted, and the start to live together. But . . . Although this was a meant as a comedy, I found it poignant. Meeting the right person, when you're the wrong person, isn't really funny. Funny things happen along the way, but the basic premise is sad. Sweeney does a good job, especially when you remember that he's directing himself. Katie Findlay is outstanding in her role. Special acting credit goes to Tracie Thoms as Dr. Larson, Todd's ever-patient therapist. This film had its New York State premiere at ImageOut, Rochester's great LGBT festival. (Remember that both NYC and Buffalo are larger than Rochester. Having a NYS premiere in Rochester takes special effort by the ImageOut selection committee.) This is a film that will work on the small screen. Yes--it's set in California with views of the ocean, but it's about people, not scenery. This movie hasn't had a large distribution. It's only been rated by 30 people. The good news is that those people gave it an extremely high rating of 8.1. I think it's even better than that.

Reviewed by irgengiorozhen 8 / 10 / 10

Sweet, wicked, joyful and resonating

I felt it's an instant classic at the premiere during Frameline festival. Hopefully one day some cinephiles will quote this movie in their heated banters (especially regarding when it's appropriate to use the word 'ironic'). Hard to believe it's the first feature film of the insanely talented director/writer/actor James Sweeney. The dynamic conversation (plus meaningful and non-distracting camera work, including some theatre-style split screens each focusing on one character; plus choreographical acting that is both natural and visually pleasing) between two main characters defined what good chemistry is in any relationship. I can't think of many comedy examples in which characters appear to be non-exaggerating real-life persons but their dialogues are murdering level funny for 15 minutes straight. Katie Findlay, who played the female lead Rory, mentioned, somewhere along the line, in the Q&A after the movie premiere, that people may not be to able find everything in their current partner and it might be all right. In this movie, the sex is in exile. The process of dealing with this missing piece is under a microscope, with light-heartedness and shrewd observations (like the part Todd reflected on his dad being extra nice because Todd brought a girl, not a boy home). The best kind of movie is a mirror. This one is not just for the LGBTQ audience, but the unfortunate majority that can't find Mr./Mrs. Right. You either cherish the loving moments of an imperfect relationship, or sustain a positive attitude to keep looking for the perfect one.

Reviewed by saesau 8 / 10 / 10

Adorable, yet unusual couple

I just want to be friends with Todd and Rory. They are wacky and adorable and even borderline annoying and I love them both. This movie is the type of love story I can totally get attached to. And it's so funny that I need to watch it again, because there were times the audience was laughing so hard that I couldn't hear all the words. Just watch this movie any chance you get.

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