Strange But True



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Amy Ryan as Mrs. Prescott
Greg Kinnear as Talk Show Host
Nick Robinson as Stu Beckell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10 / 10

Different thriller and scary in parts

This isn't a typical thriller. The cast is quite good even supporting cast so that should indicate that it's not a second rate show. It's different. Starts off like a psychological thriller. Then things become more crime drama with an unexpected villain. The conclusion is unexpected but at least doesn't leave you hanging totally. Margaret Qualley is getting lots of good roles and she is quite watchable. Amy Ryan plays the bitter Mother and divorcee quite well. Worth a watch.

Reviewed by kryptonarie 7 / 10 / 10

No spoiler, but a hint.

I'm writing this if you're someone, like I am, someone who reads the reviews, but skips over those reviews with spoiler alerts. The idea of how the girlfriend comes to find herself pregnant is definitely a stretch. But then again, if you were this girl, a girl who slept with one boyfriend, one time, and then found herself pregnant 4 years later with no explanation of how. You would try to rationalize the situation in every way you possible could. And yet, when nothing makes any real kind of sense, you'd then possibly look to the metaphysical for your answers, hence the title, "Strange But True." Here's my tip, because there are few of us (the viewers) who aren't grasping all this story's twists. You need to pay attention, because the ideas presented by the other characters, and how they think she became pregnant can seem a bit confusing. Pay special attention to the scenes in the basement, and especially to the scene where the wife of the kindly older guardian-ish couple is confronting her husband about his cigarette stash, "etc."

Reviewed by eliinite 7 / 10 / 10

Very good evening entertainment!

It's a noir-thriller about metaphysics and family matters (forgiveness, grief...) Reminded me a lot the style and drama of a very recent movie Angel of mine. A real glued- to- screen thriller with enormous suspense. Enjoyed very much this you- just- don't- know- the- solution- until- the- end! This is a movie you have to watch VERY attentively, otherwise you wont get the answer. Dont go to the kitchen to search for food in the fridge!

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