Stranger from Canton


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by InjunNose 8 / 10 / 10

My kind of kung-fu film

Featuring a solid cast of Hong Kong film luminaries and fight after brutal, bone-crushing fight, "Stranger from Canton" is the kind of movie I eagerly drank in on Sunday afternoons when I was a kid. Back then, the USA Network ruled basic cable with "Kung Fu Theater"--which aired this film under its international title, "The Karate Killer". Jason Pai Piao is one of my favorite Hong Kong stars; he went on to appear in everything from independent cheapies like Ron Van Clief's Black Dragon films to prestigious Shaw Brothers epics like "Avenging Warriors of Shaolin" and "Killer Constable". Here he plays a dapper hero (watch out for that spotless white ice cream suit!) who catches knives in his teeth and takes bites out of them. The imposing Thompson Kao Kang plays the lead villain, a dangerous fighter who wields his queue--or pigtail--as a weapon. Feng Yi of "Chinese Connection" fame appears as one of Kao Kang's minions, a Japanese swordsman. The fights in this movie are downright visceral; with the aid of the thunderous sound effects so common to mid-'70s kung-fu dramas, you practically feel every punch and kick. There are no wires...just tons of teeth-grinding action. If you enjoy the dark, violent martial arts films of this period, "Stranger from Canton" will be right up your alley.

Reviewed by ckormos1 / 10

me fight you long time

1973 Stranger from Canton or The Karate Killers or Stone Cold Wu Tang or Hand of Death made in Hong Kong with Jason Pai Piao, Thompson Kao Kang, Tony Liu Jun-Guk, Fing Ngai, and Nancy Sit Ka-Yin. This movie is blessed with many titles taking it from the world of VHS rentals (Karate Killer? That sounds like a good one! Let's get some beer too) all the way to DVD sales. It starts off with no doubt as to the bad guy – baby murderer – but gets political and doesn't focus on one real hero. Sun Yat-Sen is historically involved and the show does drag a bit in the first third. Jason Pai Paio arrives wearing a white suit and keeps his necktie on for the first half of the movie. Classy! That is until that awkward moment when his urination is interrupted by a lady. Everyone knows that Jimmy Wang Yu's "Beach of the War Gods" features the longest martial arts fight at 25 minutes and 43 seconds. This movie almost clobbered that record except for two brief cuts in the action to untie a girl and to move to another location. From about the 49 minute mark of a 90 minute movie there is almost non-stop fighting until the end, except for the noted lapses that lasted only about a minute each. Of course the bane of all that action is that it starts to look alike. That's true here and simply adding some weapons would have improved it. Thompson Kao Kang, the big villain, does have an unusual weapon – his queue or long hair braid. This gimmick was okay but other than being an element of surprise it is as unrealistic as the similar and often used whip. I'll let that slide and rate it above average overall.

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