Strangeways Here We Come


Comedy / Crime

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April 2, 2019



Chanel Cresswell as Valerie McLean
Elaine Cassidy as Rachel
Stephen Lord as Mr. Stanhope
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sgoddard-13130 8 / 10 / 10

Funny inner city film set in a tower block

A very funny film at times but does contain some violance and referance to drug taking. Not for all the family. More of a TV movie. Follows the lives of some very different charactors of a Manchester (England) council high rise block . Some more dysfunctional then others who try to make a stand against a local loan shark.

Reviewed by mcalinescu 4 / 10 / 10

Thank god, for Brexit !!!

Thank god, for Brexit, 3 more months and this gang of........ can join Trump Union are made for it.

Reviewed by MIVANABBE 4 / 10 / 10

Silly, but not funny and inconsistent!

Silly, but not funny and inconsistent, really says it all! Shambolic with no original ideas. Locations (council block beautiful gardens and brand new empty garden shed) not inkeeping with the story settings and lack of blood after the crime, all are too noticeable as the plot is weak and does not grasp..... Not a comedy, looks amateurish/student production. PS There were 5 (out of 9 only votes) giving this film "full marks" i.e. 10 Stars.......!!!???? Since my vote 4 **** (+ this review) there is a 6th 10 Stars rating. Those can only come from people with a vested interest! No-one with genuine unbiased view/taste can rate this film a 10.

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