Street Kings 2: Motor City


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Charlotte Ross as Mary Wyatt
Inbar Lavi as Emma
Ray Liotta as Ryan Weaver
Shawn Hatosy as Justin Fisher
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Reviewed by ajukoor 4 / 10 / 10

Sequel only by the title

Street Kings was quite a surprise hit with stellar cast, somewhat intriguing story and very good direction. Motor City on the other hand is just mess. Not that it doesn't give any entertainment. It does. Specially if you are admirer of cheesy B-movies or those direct to DVD thrillers. Motor City is prime example how to exploit far superior hit film's success, when only thing that relates those two movies are just the title. It amazes me how they got Ray Liotta on board? Did they kidnap his daughter? Or just blackmailed him? Incoherent plot, bad dialog, cliché ridden plot twists that were all written by ten year old. Ray Liotta was the strongest part of the whole movie, but he seemed totally uninterested and thus uninteresting to watch. Shawn Hatosy isn't half that bad actor than he looks in Motor City. Probably it has to do something with inconsistent character development. Oh, there's another connection between two films - Clifton Powell is in both of them. But he plays different characters.

Reviewed by jotix100 3 / 10 / 10

Motor City

The only interest in watching this film when it showed recently on cable was the presence of Shawn Hatosy and Ray Liotta in it. Not knowing anything about the film, since it obviously went to video, we thought it might have been a sequel to the much better "Street Kings". In spite of all the bad comments it garnered in this forum, the film is not horrible, as we were led to believe. It is predictable and it is another rehash of a decent cop working against a corrupt group of his peers. Dan Sullivan pays dearly for wanting to be honest and do a good job. Directed by Chris Fisher, who works mainly on television, and written by Ed Gonzalez and Jeremy Haft, the narrative cannot compare with the original screenplay written for "Street Kings" by James Ellroy, who knows a thing, or two, about the police drama genre. The best thing in the film is the work of cinematographer Marvin Rush who takes us for a ride through a city that has seen better days. Shawn Hatosy gives a good performance as Dan Sullivan, the good cop. Ray Liotta is not as effective as one expected.

Reviewed by homecoming8 3 / 10 / 10

I guess this totally ends Ray Liotta's acting career in a heartbeat !

"Street Kings" (2008)was a surprise hit and an excellent cop thriller with great action. Keanu Reeves and Forrest Whitaker were awesome. Because of it's success we have a so-called sequel. "Street Kings 2: Motor City" is a sequel in name only: it has absolutely nothing to do with the first one. But even if it was just named "Motor City", it would still be a very bad one. It lacks an interesting story, decent action (yes, that was CGI blood)and thrills. It's boring from start to finish and at times doesn't even make any sense at all. Not only the title is a joke but "Motor City" also shows that you can call anything "Unrated" these days. Why is Ray Liotta in it ?? Was the rent due ? Did he have some bad investments and really needed the money this bad ? Remember him in "Unlawful Entry, CopLand, Unforgettable" ? Liotta's an excellent actor but here he looks tired like he knows what mess he stepped into. Avoid at all costs, you'll only want your 90 minutes back after this.

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