Street Trash


Comedy / Horror

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by thesar-2 6 / 10 / 10

Street Fighters

Well, this film's trivia bit sums up the movie very nicely: Vic Noto (Bronson) was cast a day before principal photography commenced (less than 12 hours.) "I didn't know what the hell I was doing," he said, "nor did I EVER understand who Bronson was. I did scene by scene not even knowing what the movie was about. I didn't read the script until three months AFTER (the movie) was wrapped. I STILL don't know who Bronson was." This "movie" is all over the place and yet, still (mostly) works. It's also simultaneously intentionally and unintentionally funny and effective in scares, but that might just be me: decades-old, low budget horror has frightened me since I was a lad. Not sure what the intention of this film was, but they sure as hell crammed in a ton of ideas. An antihero bum, a crazy Vet and toxic alcohol all play central themes, but so does horrible rape, sexual harassment, a gangster vs. a comedian and tons and tons of both full-frontal male and female nudity. I guess the death drink is prime, though it only shows up for a fraction of the movie. Basically, a liquor store owner finds a carton of old liquor and without thought, sells it for a buck a pop (kinda low, even for mid-80s time) and within seconds of drinking, or even touching, the victim is reduced to the same fate as that toxic-gang member towards the end of Robocop (same summer as this film. Must've been a theme or fear of the time.) But, there are many more subplots as we really follow the antihero homeless man through many misadventures. It's thoroughly nuts and yet watchable. I seriously doubt anyone was serious here and they were, indeed, out to have a fun and humorous time despite the few, though effective, gore scenes. Recommended for die-hard trashy-80s low budget "horror-comedies," like Attack of the Killer Tomatoes, The Toxic Avenger and other Troma film fans. Though, unbelievably, this was shot much better than those other disturbing, but "fun," films. *** Final thoughts: You show me full-frontal male nudity within seconds of the film opening, and you got me hooked. Nice touch, so to speak, to not just feature the gals.

Reviewed by jadavix 6 / 10 / 10

A cult short film filled out to tedious full length

"Street Trash" is a classic example of a movie that was based on an idea for a short film that really didn't transfer to feature length. In a short film, you might not notice that there's basically no plot, and it would have been kept afloat with its nifty gore effects. Stretched out to an hour and forty minutes, however, the film is too unwound, with far too much filler in between the sparse gory moments (the only reason anyone would watch it), and very little to link the scenes together. The "plot", if you can really call it that, is something to do with alcohol that makes people "melt", their bodies turning into psychedelic goo which runs off their skeletons. This alcohol is discovered by a group of bums who live in a wrecking yard. There is also an "infamous" scene where a man is caught urinating out the window of his shack, and has his penis lopped off for his trouble. The bums then play catch with it. For a so-called "gore movie", this scene is surprisingly bloodless. It is played more for laughs than anything. You can't believe that a man really lost his penis in this scene; it looks more like they're tossing a dildo around. This scene also has no bearing on the rest of the movie. Overall, I think all "Street Trash" really has to set it apart from any other movie is the weird "melting" effect that it showcases occasionally. This is the vaunted "gore" the genre supposedly promises, though, again, there's no blood. Instead it looks like the person's body suddenly turned into fluorescent paint. Choosing to do it this way makes for a nifty effect. The only other quality the movie has that might make you remember it is its complete lack of story or characters, as it had nobody to root for, no one to care about, and doesn't really have any villains. It's just tedium occasionally interrupted by a gore effect, and the gaps in between these effects really tried my patience.

Reviewed by jellopuke 6 / 10 / 10

Amazingly disgusting!

Awesome gore effects and a total lack of regard for good taste, this movie is disgusting and aimless, but a total sleaze classic. If you want to watch a movie where a cop kills a hit-man then pukes on his corpse or where a homeless man gets his member cut off and other homeless people play keep away with it, this is for you! There isn't much of a plot and it felt longer than necessary, but the melting scenes were so well done that it makes up for it.

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