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Reviewed by janieves 10 / 10 / 10

This is what I call an NYC 80s Movie!

Flashback in the 80s NYC nightlife all RAW and soundtrack was DOPE! I wish I knew where they filmed the name of the club in this movie? Awesome movie hands down "Julie Newmar" is even in it.. Genuine! Authentic! Cinema!

Reviewed by JohnSeal 8 / 10 / 10

Not without merit

Streetwalkin' is no classic, but it does have some points in its favor. The film's gritty ambiance is certainly of tremendous value, and the undervalued Melissa Leo (21 Grams) delivers a reasonably good performance as Cookie, a young woman forced onto the streets when she runs away from home and her family refuses to take her back. She's also responsible for her annoying younger brother (Randall Batinkoff)and is soon in the grips of psychotic pimp Duke (Dale Midkiff), who likes to beat his women when he isn't selling them. The film's screenplay, a collaboration between Robert Alden and director Joan Freeman, takes a determinedly feminist stance, with all the male characters basically being scum. Alden and Freeman's only other credit is the nearly unwatchable rock and rock fable Satisfaction, which makes Streetwalkin' look like Citizen Kane in comparison. All in all, an interesting exploitation film that belongs more to the sleazy 70s than to the corporate 80s.

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

A nice slice of 80's urban sleaze

Teenager Cookie (an excellent and affecting performance by Melissa Leo) runs away from home to escape her abusive stepfather and goes to New York City with her younger brother Tim (a solid portrayal by Randall Batinkoff). Cookie falls under the spell of smooth, but sadistic pimp Duke (well played with frightening conviction by Dale Midkiff), who turns her out as a Times Square hooker. Director Joan Freeman, who also co-wrote the seamy, yet engrossing script with Robert Alden, maintains an appropriately hard and gritty tone throughout, offers a vivid evocation of the Big Apple's grimy red light district underbelly, delivers a handy helping of graphic nudity and perverse sexuality, and stages the tense and exciting climax with real flair and skill. The sound acting from the sturdy cast helps a lot: Antonio Fargas as suave master pimp Finesse, Julie Newmar as tough, sassy, and maternal veteran whore Queen Bee, Leon Robinson as slick rival pimp Jason, Khandi Alexander as the gutsy and enticing Star, Annie Golden as pathetic strung-out junkie Phoebe, and Julie Cohen as the perky Tricia. The startling moments of raw brutal violence pack a pretty mean punch. The funky soundtrack hits the get-down groovy spot (the theme song in particular totally smokes). Steben Fierberg's glittery cinematography gives the picture a sparkling neon glow. The pulsating score by Doug Timm and Matthew Ender throbs to a neat syncopated beat. Good trashy fun.

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