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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by summers5002 10 / 10 / 10

i was there

Its been twenty twenty six years since the streetwise film was made i was in a boys home at the time of filming i was asked to be in the film but i was unable to be there i knew rat and lulu Kim Dwayne tiny munchkin and Pattie hell i even dated Lillie for a while the days of the doughnut shop and the aftermath when Gunther got busted and yes even to this day the murder of lulu still makes me cry to some people out there these kids were ghosts to me they wers my friends and family who at times were the only family we had its sad to think so many of them are gone but never will be forgotten my name is T I am now 42 years old and live in Nashville tn im married with two kids and work in law enforcement i see kids today just where we all were downtown on first and pike just as scared and just as tough trying to survive in a world that is not that easy to survive in yet i try to help them the best way i can hell somebody has to. to all those who was in the film i still think of you everyday and send love im even writing a book about the seattle street kids in those days if any of you are still around and remember me T please send word email me i would love to hear from you

Reviewed by vertigo_14 10 / 10 / 10

The city of the lost children. (spoilers)

Streetwise is a documentary that follows several runaway youth in the 1980s living on the streets of Seattle. Most are no older than 16, but already have made careers for themselves as pimps and prostitutes, thieves and muggers, panhandlers and dumpster divers, and doing what they can to survive. In a 2006 edition of the New Yorker, a critic suggested that these kids are kind of led by a sense of street freedom, but as another viewer commented, it is likely that a lot of these people, even Rat, were probably miserable, despite the best attempts to hide it or convince themselves otherwise (This was made clear by Rat's opening remark about the things he hated about flying--"coming back to the f***in' earth.") Clearly, Dewayne was, as he committed suicide at the age of 16. The sad thing is that these were kids of children themselves. Not in the sense that they were born to teenagers (which may actually be the case), but that many of their parents had not yet matured beyond their own selfishness to care for these kids as they needed to be (Tiny's mother rationalized her daughter's prostitution as a "phase"). Some of the young girls, 14 and hooking, tell us about their abusive fathers and stepfathers that, despite miserable marriages, their mothers still stuck by them irregardless of the negative consequences to their own children. Rat tells about this too, where he was tired of being between his helpless, divorced parents feuding. Or just parents who seemed capable of having kids, but not raising them. And since no one cared for them as children (most of them, I'm not sure what the background was on the young black man who was pimping the girls, the one who's mother and probably grandmother later show up and ask him to come home), they took the streets and became, as Tiny's mother says, 14 going on 21. They were the city of the lost children. Some might criticize this movie as being unrealistic, and at least the things coming from Dewayne's dad when talking to his son sounds like something from a film, although the Sound Recordist for the film has assured in his own comments that this is not the case. That there was no script. It makes the events all the more heartbreaking. If the purpose of the film was to raise awareness of the life of young runaways, it makes it point and drives it home hard. It also drives home hard that the policies of Regeanomics (joked by Dewayne later in the film) were hurting those lowest on the income scales (and consequently, moving many into the street). And it makes me wonder what the numbers of runaways and street kids are these days. Washington, DC (where I live now) has a large homeless population relative to the size of the district, but I never see any young panhandlers or prostitutes and wonder, is the situation still the same? Are the institutions working more to get kids off the streets? What has become of the Streetwise now?

Reviewed by janelb1 10 / 10 / 10

My opinion of streetwise- from Rat's wife

Hey, Jen! How funny to see you on here! Love Ya! I personally love Streetwise. I've seen it a million times. My husband gets embarrassed whenever I show the movie, and hides in the other room. I am Rat's wife. We live in California, where he originally came from. It's funny that no one knows where he is. Martin and Maryellen still keep in contact and send Christmas cards. Anyway, Rat is alive and doing well. It just goes to show that eating garbage won't kill a person. It might just make them stronger. Janel

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