Stressed to Kill


Comedy / Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Armand Assante as Paul Jordan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmIsPwn 9 / 10 / 10

Terrific Indy Dark Comedy/Thriller!

Stressed to Kill is a highly entertaining indy thriller/dark comedy. Elements of the plot are reminiscent of Falling Down crossed with Strangers on a Train. Bill Oberst Jr. plays Bill (the role he was born to play!) a stressed out every man who suffers a heart attack and decides to eliminate the causes of his stress . . . permanently. Marshal Hilton is Stan, Bill's best friend turned enabler, and turns in a terrific supporting performance. I had not heard of HIlton before this film, but I'm now a fan. The more well-known Armand Assante plays the off-his-rocker cop trying to track down Bill. Assante delivers a great, over-the-top performance that reminded me of late career, "I don't give a crap" Marlon Brando -- and to be clear I mean that as a big compliment! Bill Oberst Jr. is a terrific leading man, and his journey throughout the film is mesmerizing. I thought I was going into "just" an independent thriller, but at times Stressed to Kill is absolutely hysterical. I practically busted my gut in the scene where Bill kills a fat lady in the elevator with a blow dart; trust me, it is worth the rental itself! The tone shifts swiftly at times, for example I was rolling on the floor as Bill dresses up as a little old lady to kill a target at an AA meeting. The sight of Bill dressing up like Irene Ryan from the Beverly Hillbillies had me in stitches . . . but the haunted reaction of Bill and Stan after the murder, a cross between intoxicated satisfaction and "can you believe we did it" horror is top-notch acting, award material stuff. Stressed to Kill is one to check out for sure! --Daniel J. Roos

Reviewed by citywoman3105 1 / 10 / 10

Savage's best film to date

Mark Savage is well-known world-wide as a genre director, a hat he is more than happy to wear. Yet, this does limit his image somewhat amongst mainstream cinema circles, both for funding and garnering audience. And that's a shame. 'Stressed to Kill' comes from a similar place as 'Falling Down'(Dir.: Joel Schumacher, 1993) but has been crafted to a very tight budget which occasionally shows on the screen. However, don't let that deter you from seeing it. Accept it for what it is - a film that sticks to its purpose with skill and care. There is discipline apparent in the acting and direction and that is applause-worthy. As a story, again, it is true to form and the acting of Bill Oberst is the star turn here as the unwell hero-anti-hero (depending on your POV). He makes this flawed, edgy chap very likable and credible with razor-sharp emotions and a build of tension that last through the narrative. Now I would like to see Mark Savage step out of the genre and for someone to give him a wad of $$$$ so that a wider audience can see his work which clearly is applicable to a very broad range of film languages and devices.

Reviewed by blizzard-48321 1 / 10 / 10

Stressful to watch...

I know it's not nice to accuse other people of fake reviews, especially when it's my first but I have no choice. I really can't believe someone could actually praise this film. First of all: it's not low budget, it's extremely super uber low no budget. Nothing wrong with that itself but be aware - it shows. The story itself isn't too bad. Sure, it was done before and all but it doesn't have to be original to be good. Unfortunately, to make a film that takes itself seriously you need a few things, like good casting which means - good actors. Sadly that can't be found in 'Stressed to Kill'. The film 'stars' Armand Assante and I'm sure all the actor's budget went to pay his salary. Assante was a decent actor once. He delivered few really memorable performances but it was all 20+ years ago. Since then...drugs, booze, I guess. Now he's one of these small names, affordable for super low budget movies because nothing better comes his way. Here, he plays the detective and like the other reviewer have said 'mumbles his lines'. It's not even acting, this guy couldn't speak properly and I had trouble understanding what the heck were his lines. Luckily enough, he only has a small part. Lead actor in the film is Bill Oberst Jr. (I hope Oberst Sr. wasn't an actor as well) and he's the worst casting choice possible. He looks like a combination of devil/psychopath/bum/local creep/. Definitely not someone you will feel sympathy for. Ever. Under any circumstances. Plus, Oberst can't really act. He's one of these actors who will do any film that pays 100 bucks/day and well, that's the quality you will get. He will pass as someone who needs to look scary but won't carry your film because he can't act. Marshall Hilton plays his best pal and overacts pretty much every scene he's in. Must be another 100 bucks/day Wonder. I checked his profile on here and saw he was in kids show 'Beetleborgs' many moons ago. All these years later, he still overacts like he did before, except that it made sense in 'Beetleborgs'. It doesn't make sense in 'Stressed to Kill'. Sonia Curtis who plays Oberst's wife might be as well best actor in the entire film but trust me...that doesn't mean much. Curtis had a small part in another film I watched recently 'Relentless Justice' and while she wasn't too bad there, it's obvious she had much stronger competition. Have to say she looks pretty good for her age, though. So the acting pretty much sucks. That's one huge problem. Another problem is it's running time. It drags for way too long. I mean it runs for almost 2 hours and should be at least 40 minutes shorter. Some say it's a dark comedy but really...It's a boring thriller with absolutely horrible acting, directing and lack of production value. Do yourself a favour and don't spend your money on this joke of a film.

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