Strictly Sexual


Comedy / Drama / Romance

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Johann Urb as Joe Santarella
Jonna Walsh as Fashion Show Model
Kristen Kerr as Christi Ann
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by yahurb 10 / 10 / 10

it's sincerely, funny and moving!

I begin my comment from saying that love the story itself. I loved the film. The story is so true image of what many of us sometimes feel but fail to live. It both, touches and entertains. The characters are believable and the director, actors and crew did a great job. Although a simple story, none of it is so simple in the end as the relationships between the characters develop smoothly. What i liked about this movie, was the childishly brutal honesty between the characters, the way they relate their emotions and thoughts to each other. "What a great city. People here don't date. They just move in." :)))) I watched it as a story, without prejudice and expectations, and I found myself laughing and feeling for those "types" sincerely. This is a gift. This is where you appreciate the art - it's where you find yourself truly believing the story. Would I watch it again? Hell why not!:)))

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 9 / 10 / 10

A Delightfully Funny and Original Love Story

In Los Angeles, the wealthy aspirant writer Donna (Amber Benson) and her best friend and aspirant designer Christi Ann (Kristen Kerr) are bored of relationships and decide to chase two escorts in a bar for one night stand. Meanwhile, the construction workers and best friends Stanny (Stevie Long) and Joe (Johann Urb) come from New York but do not find job in Los Angeles; without money, they decide to go to a fancy bar to drink and leave the place without paying the bill. The sexual experienced Donna and the uptight and shy Christi Ann meet Stanny and Joe and invite them home believing they are hustlers. After a night of sex, the women discover the misunderstanding and that the men are indeed unemployed workers. They propose them to stay in a tent near the swimming-pool with beer and food while they search for jobs; in return, they would be their "boy-toys" during the nights in a strictly sexual relationship. Along the following weeks, the couples become closer and change their feelings and behaviors with the development and growing of their relationships. "Strictly Sexual" is a delightfully funny and original love story. This sweet low-budget movie overcame my best expectations, supported by an excellent screenplay, great direction and a perfect chemistry among the four believable lead characters. My vote is seven. Title (Brazil): "Apenas Sexo" ("Just Sex")

Reviewed by marniealan-1 9 / 10 / 10

Fantastic storytelling & film-making

"Strictly Sexual" is probably the sweetest, funniest sexually-themed movie I've ever seen. Not that the theme is just sex. It's really about four characters who you come to know, love and root for like none that I can recall in recent film history. No big orange explosions coming at you, but a rapport and chemistry between actors that is so rare in modern film, it feels like something new. All four leads grab you immediately. The film is brimming with bittersweet moments and belly laughs masterfully combined like the best of Woody Allen or Preston Sturges. The filmmakers are really on to something with this film, striking a (seemingly) effortlessly original tone and feel. One of the most honest and human films I've ever seen, "Strictly Sexual" is genuinely entertaining from start to finish. The ending just killed me (in a good way) but I don't want to give anything away. See it. -Alan Bernhoft

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