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Reviewed by jay4stein79-1 10 / 10 / 10


I discovered Werner Herzog first through his remake of Nosferatu and then through Fitzcarraldo and Aguirre: The Wrath of God. Though the brilliance of those movies is unimpeachable, Stroszek, at least for me, stands at the apex of Herzog's oeuvre. This intensely moving and satisfying film which begins in Germany and winds up in Wisconsin is solid through and through. There's not a weak moment or weak element to be found. The acting, especially by Bruno S., is completely unaffected and without over-stylization (there is, perhaps, a reason for this - they aren't acting, simply being). The story itself deals with melodramatic elements without steering into soap opera territory and the film's ideology is not black in white. There's subtlety and complexity to the ideas put forth in this film about America, Germany, human beings, life, etc. Moreover, Stroszek avoids beating the audience's brains with its ideas; Herzog presents them in the context of the story, smoothly integrated. And then there's the beautiful photography, particularly of the American Midwest; Herzog and his cameramen capture perfectly the cold, stark, desolate magnificence of the upper-Plains. To draw a weird comparison, the photography here is the equivalent of Husker Du's New Day Rising - crisp, harsh, and gorgeous simultaneously. Stroszek also has a justifiably well-known ending, both surreal and completely sensible. Though any other director would be unable to top an ending such as that in Aguirre (the slumped conqueror, floating on a monkey-covered raft), Herzog does just that here. Truly, if you have not seen any Herzog, this is a great place to start; then go see Aguirre, Fitzcarraldo, Nosferatu, Woyczek, and Invincible. The man is brilliant and I await with bated breath Grizzly Man, his new project.

Reviewed by kyle_c 10 / 10 / 10

**** out of ****

Fascinating, unique look at the American dream follows three German social misfits (Bruno S., Eva Mattes, Clemens Scheitz) as they travel to Railroad Flats, Wisconsin to seek a better life. Strange comic moments mesh together well with some extremely sad and moving moments. Superbly performed by everybody, although the cast is mostly non-actors. The documentary style shooting works well with the story. One of Herzog's best.

Reviewed by turing77 10 / 10 / 10

Where would we be without Werner Herzog?

Before I address the film, allow me a quick paean to its writer/producer/director. Thank Christ for Werner Herzog. It's tough being a cineaste these days, with such creative geniuses as Michael Bay, McG, and whoever directed Deuce Bigalow 2 ruling the Hollywood roost. Even Spielberg and Lucas have lost their mojo...OK, Lucas moreso--much, much moreso--than Spielberg. But what about Coppola? What's Scorsese done recently? Did P.T. Anderson fall off the face of the Earth? It's a bit frightening to think that no one is at the helm of the ship, and nothing good and/or original is being made. Enter Herzog. The guy IS a genius, and besides that, he is not only prolific, but he still has "it." Grizzly Man is just as good as anything Herzog made thirty years ago. Coincidentally, Stroszek was made thirty years ago. It is brilliant. Herzog knows how to use music in films, and here is a prime example. Herzog always has one or two bits of indelible imagery in his films; in Stroszek, we have the premature babies and the dancing chicken. (Another Herzog staple is unforgettable characterization. Who else wanted to punch the banker in the face? The guy's performance as a glad-handing vulture with a big sh*t-eating grin was spot-on.) Now I can see some viewers giving up after fifteen minutes and saying, "This is pretentious, Euro-arty bullsh*t." Fair enough...not all movies appeal to everyone. But I hate pretentious, Euro-arty bullsh*t too (e.g. The Perfect Human), and this ain't that. Stick with it, or wait a few years and try it again (just like reading Ulysses). This film will make demands on you...don't expect Hollywood pap. Last thing: the accusation of "anti-American" has been leveled at this film. I'm a white, male Republican (i.e., evil incarnate) and I do not--NOT--find this to be the case. This film is not about bashing America: it is about the other side of life's coin, and how no man truly decides his own fate.

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