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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wobbly33 8 / 10 / 10

A little bit of everything punk....

This is not a documentary, although much of it is allegedly based on fact. What "Suburbia" does, and does well, is capture a moment in LA/OC punk. If you were there, you recognize almost every character in the film, and you probably recognize a lot of the "actors." It's a grab bag of punk "types": the skinhead, the conehead, the goth, the mohawk, etc. etc. But if you were an LA suburban punk, you knew someone just like all of them. If you're of a certain age, of a certain time, of a certain place, it's a touchstone. You know exactly what it was like. Even the rednecks have their place, when the plants were closing, when and middle-class life starting fading away. The story is not great, the acting is not great, but the moment is captured, and if you were there, it takes you right back: when moshing was called slamming, and tattoos were done with a straightpin by hand, not next door to the Starbucks. If you weren't, you get a pretty good idea about what is was like to be a punk when you couldn't buy it at the mall, when it might actually get you beaten up by jocks, when a nosering might get you fired from the record store. Punk was, for a time, actually dangerous. And that made it great.

Reviewed by phorever 8 / 10 / 10

Takes me home

I love this movie even more now then I did back then. I think this should be a mandatory watch before your first purchase at Hot Topic. This movie gives me an odd sense of comfort when I watch it…something I can't find anymore. I wasn't a "TR Kid" (figuratively speaking), but I knew them all, I hung out at the "TR House"…you were always welcome there. They were my friends, my family, they were as accepting of you as you of them…someone always had your back…another thing you can't find anymore. But enough reminiscing. I recommend this movie to anyone who was in the scene back then…but you guys have seen it. I also recommend this movie to all the new school kids who think they get it. Punk isn't what you wear, punk is who you are.

Reviewed by vertigo_14 8 / 10 / 10

Welcome to the suburbs...the slums of the future. (spoilers)

Penelope Spheeris, loyal punk film director, presents a starkly depressing tale about a handful of ostracized teenagers known as The Rejected Kids. They're a group of punks who left home, neglected in one way or another (except for the main character, Jack) and take up living in condemned housing in Los Angeles. Trouble seems to follow them wherever they go because they make easy targets. This is a treat in several respects, despite being such a horribly depressing and, sadly, honest film. First, you get to see performances by old punk favorites, T.S.O.L., DI, and The Vandals. Second, Wade Watson (bass player for the US Bombs) and Flea (in his film debut) are casted as two of the delinquent teens. The instrumental soundtrack, too, is very good. And third, is the sheer honesty with the disappointment of the suburbs, which were once proclaimed as the future Utopia. What it turned out to be was a disaster of crass consumerism that denied too much human affection, replacing it instead with the satisfaction of consumption, so much so that in the end, the suburbs had their problems just like everyone else, only they did a better job of hiding it behind the imagery of white picket fences and perfect lawns. This film is one of many to make that point.

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