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Alexandra Paul as Sandy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ccthemovieman-1 4 / 10 / 10

Muddled Tale Of Slobs & Sex

This is a sleazy tale of a slob private eye hunting down his wife's killers. Profanity, gratuitous sex, a cast full of unscrupulous people and even a sub-par quality VHS tape (when I watched this) all made give this a Class B-feel to it and not a movie I would rate higher than a '4." The story has a big Hispanic flavor to it with settings in E. Los Angeles and Tijuana. The story could have been a good one, but's also too confusing parts and the ending is not quite clear. The whole thing is just too muddled. Peter Weller and Lori Singer make for an interesting pair in the lead roles. Weller was a pretty appealing likable guy until the last 10 minutes of the movie. Singer, although still young, looks a lot harder in here than in the previous few films of hers. She enjoyed showing off her body in this film, even though it wasn't all that great.

Reviewed by mysteriesfan 6 / 10 / 10

Quirky but unpleasant and confusing crime movie

The "hero" of this crime movie is a foul-mouthed, beat-up, cigarette-always-hanging-out-of-the-mouth, booze-guzzling, bug-eating, cop-turned-low-life-P.I., played by Peter Weller. The character is supposedly redeemed by his basic honesty, feelings toward his wife, and rapport with the down-and-out. Weller's character is estranged from his wife, played by Alexandra Paul in a couple of brief and shallow scenes. This is in part because as a cop he unwittingly set up a sting on her father concerning a savings-and-loan fraud, which appears to have led the man to hang himself. The wife owns a seedy-neighborhood Southern California bar and grill, which has some employees from south of the border. The movie begins with a confusing and violent scene in Mexico, in which one man is shot in the head and the face of another (an employee of the bar and grill, I think) is crushed by hand by a tall, burly blonde henchman. When the thugs come looking for a letter that the employee might have sent back to the grill, Weller's wife meets the same fate. At the bottom of it all is what turns out to be some weird organ harvesting scheme using illegal Mexican immigrants. Just about everyone in the movie seems to have been involved somehow in this ill-defined, gruesome plot. This includes: Stacy Keach, hamming it up as drawling rich guy Shelgrove, who lives in a mansion, owns a firing range that seems to double as a bar, and gives lengthy expositions on Mayan culture; Lori Singer, as the stereotypical breathy-voiced, brooding blonde knockout, at one moment politely business-like, at another a steamy seductress, and at the next cool-and-hard-as-nails, who apparently manages Shelgrove's shooting range and has sometime in the past been an organ recipient (though nothing about this character, or her relationship to anyone else, is made clear); John Rhys Davies as a wholly corrupt, abusive INS agent; a sweaty, neurotic surgeon; Weller's utterly ineffectual cop pal who courted his wife; and even Weller's deceased father-in-law, who took an interest in Mexican immigrants. There is some mystery and detection, the cast includes some recognizable names, and Weller and Keach are passable. But no one is displayed to good effect. The characters, story, and settings are thin, murky, ugly, and uninvolving. As it unfolds, the story is choppy and obscure, not crisp and dramatic. Despite the grim subject matter, the movie has an incongruous tongue-in-cheek feel, for example, in how in how it presents Weller, Rhys Davis, Shelgrove, and the doctor. Weller's uncanny ability, while mumbling and shambling along, to keep going through all the smoke, booze, bruises, bullets, complications, and adversaries to get to the bottom of it all is increasingly implausible. A prime example is the scene in which Weller, wounded, drugged senseless, and lying on the doctor's operating table (and why would the bad guys go through this trouble instead of just shooting or strangling him, as they do to everyone else?), pulls himself up, stumbles away, and fights the blonde muscle man to the death. The movie's way of resolving everything is to kill off characters (good and bad) in one brutal manner or another, including, most wastefully, a female INS agent. Its overall ugliness seems to be done for cheap shock-effect rather than to convey any larger meaning, its style a substitute for telling a clear, full, and effective story. Some gratuitous nudity and tasteless "comic relief," thrown in for good measure, do not help. Other reviews have rightly pegged Weller's character as a "stumblebum with a BB gun" and the movie as a "muddled tale of slobs and sex." This is a quirky but unpleasant, confusing, poorly developed, and unsatisfying movie.

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 6 / 10 / 10

Its an okay crime/thriller film for a late night movie with grit and wit

Although I would have preferred to watch a higher calibre crime/thriller than Sunset Grill, I must admit I have seen a lot worse with a more influential cast than who were starring in Sunset Grill. Peter Weller (best known for his role in Robo Cop) plays a hard drinking, chain-smoking, low end private investigator named Ryder Hart. There is only one thing Ryder loves more than his booze and cigarettes and that is his estranged wife Anita (played by ex Baywatch babe Alexandra Paul), who owns the restaurant bar Sunset Grill. Early in the film we witness Anita's murder by two thugs named Mule and Christian. So Ryder does what any private eye would do in his circumstances after finding out his wife was murdered, he goes out as a lone wolf to find Anita's killers. Through Ryder's investigation he runs into a pretty eclectic cast of characters such as Stacy Keach who plays a multi millionaire named Harrison Shelgrove and his very pretty assistant named Loren (Played by Lori Singer) who eventually ends up in bed with Ryder. Now Mr. Shelgrove likes to boast to the press that he is on the brink of a huge medical/science discovery but to accomplish this task we find out that Shelgrove's clinic is harvesting human organs from illegal immigrants. Also involved in the illegal activity of capturing the illegal immigrants for organ harvesting is an Immigration agent named Stockton played by John Rhys-Davies. Stockton is being investigated by an FBI agent who is undercover named Joanna and she is played quite well by Kelly Jo Minter. To add a bit of comedy relief to the storyline we also learn that Ryder used to be a cop and one of his partners was a guy named Lieutenant Jeff Carruthers (played by Michael Anderson Jr.) who just happens to be Ryder's estranged wife Anita's current boyfriend and Carruthers wants to marry Anita once Ryder signs off on the divorce papers. So when the two ex partners find out that Anita has been murdered they agree to join forces to find her killers. Okay so the film will never win any awards for best screenplay, cinematography, musical score or best actor award but putting that all aside I did like the film for its simple enough plot, good cast of characters and for keeping the film interesting throughout. I give it a 6 out of 10 rating which may be a tad higher than deserved but since I watched the film 23 years after its initial release I can state that it has not lost any of its grit or wit.

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