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Reviewed by Mike E 7 / 10 / 10

A Yes

Good A piece of art is either Good or Bad. A Yes, you would recommend it to others or a No, don't waste your time

Reviewed by hart-92734 5 / 10 / 10

I feel gross

Main character is a psychopath. Overall poor movie. Had some good characteristics. The overall development and pacing were excellent. The main character has mental problems, so he fight crime by almost murdering bad people. Walks up to bad person and knocks them out cold, severe damage, then says a catch phrase to the dying body on the ground. But he finds a side-kick who is half his age and also has mental issues. Then they have sex and I want to like it because Ellen Page looks great, but it is just too gross to have a 45 year old, ugly, psychopath, bang a cute 22 year old. The bible character, played by Nathan Fillion, had good, entertaining segments. This movie needs a remake/reboot. It could have been good, but it just isn't.

Reviewed by eric262003 5 / 10 / 10

Way Too Dark To Classify As A Comedy

"Super" has been defined as a comedy by the mass, but it surely will likely leave you in doubt. At first we are led to the introduction as Frank being a kind pathetic soul, only to end up believing that he's a deranged man fueled intentions more deadly. This is far from anything that can classify as hilarious. It is assumed that director/writer James Gunn intended it to be comical but once the camera focuses on a wannabe girl superhero's face annihilated, there's really nothing to laugh about. I guess it all sums down to one's particular tastes into what they think is funny and what they think is downright sickening. Seeing that Ellen Page of "Juno" fame is co-starring her, we're probably not expecting things high above the intellectual ratio. Most viewers can't stand stuff based on irony or predictability. I guess to approve of this movie one would have to expect something funny will come along only to realize that the supposed comedy is too dark very cruel in its delivery. "Super" stars Rainn Wilson as Frank Darbo, a mundane short-order cook who is married to the very flexible Sarah (Liv Tyler). He's a loser who shows no signs of ever changing his ways. He is also observably stupid and oblivious as he's an easy sucker to slick drug dealer Jacques (Kevin Bacon). Sarah is recovering drug addict and seems to have a fine level of sweetness until she is mesmerized to the lowest denominator of the human species that is Jacques who also runs a strip club. When Jacques comes to Frank's humble abode looking for Sarah, the naive Frank asks no questions and serves eggs to his rival host (eggs with a side of Bacon, get it?). The comic timing would be all over that particular scene it has the ability to go in various directions leaning towards laugh out loud moments. Too bad it chooses not to. Jacques kidnaps Sarah and Sarah's drug habit has returned and utilizes her inauspicious unknown purposes. This puts Frank in a state of depression. While tuning into a cheesy religious channel, he gets inspiration from a superhero character and tries to emulate his traits. In search for more inspiration to being a vigilante, Frank goes to a comic book store and there he meets a pretty little clerk named Libby (Ellen Page) who claims she's 22 but has the mindset of someone much younger. Frank in his mind thinks Jacques is like a superhero villain and has now adopted the alter-ego as The Crimson Bolt who wears a cheap looking superhero costume that resembles The Flash that he patched together on his wife's sewing machine. His weapon of choice is a pipe wrench which may look small, but very lethal enough to cause fractured skulls when hit on impact. In one particular funny scene he takes himself to place of consummate behind dumpsters on the lookout for oncoming crime doers and after getting pounded mercilessly by thugs, he takes his trusty wrench and goes after the thugs nearly killing them. The Crimson Bolt is now a local news feature and when Libby finds out that Frank is the Crimson Bolt, she decides to pair up with him as his sidekick, Boltie. Even though the synopsis is leaned towards satire, it really lacks in anything humorous. Sure Wilson and Page bring a level of satirical intentions with them and Kevin Bacon acts like he's in a bigger, better picture where is talent isn't wasted, the film has more dreariness than what it was intended for. But there's still a lot I like about Wilson's performance. He plays a rather ditzy klutz and succeeds in keeping it real by thinking he's not trying to be funny which is really effective. If only the script would have given him that ability keep on this trend, the film would've passed off as an effective satirical comedy-drama. Even though the set pieces of satire can be seen though the villainous role of Jacques (his mansion, his goons, his drugs and his evil intentions) but is he any more evil than our protagonist who feels his defensive mechanism is to incapacitate his adversaries by fracturing their brains with a wrench while claiming that he's a wrath from God? I don't think so! When The Three Stooges used to bop each other, that was funny, because it was intended that way. But when more realistic characters doing the same thing, it's not that funny. "Super" falls victim to a desperate state of immoral intentions by the time you get to the third act. Not in the sense of black comedy because it's not a comedy. Do all films have to have an organic level from start to finish? Not necessarily, but it's shameful when the viewers get hoodwinked into expecting something only to end up becoming short-changed. I'm all for films that have some levels of intensity and a lot of them have that as a way to keep us on the edge of our seats. "Super" has the making of a film who's mindset is on dark satire with an original take on the superhero film, but the purpose rests on a more destructive impulse designed to mess with our brains.

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