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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by KineticSeoul 7 / 10 / 10

Amusing romance movie with super powers

A low budget superhero romance movie that is actually endearing and highly watchable. Maybe it's the awkward interactions dealing with a awkward superhero, but I enjoyed watching the characters and the direction of this low budget movie. So the plot is about a postman that gains super powers after getting hit by a meteor. But the thing is, the guy is super socially awkward but a very likable and friendly guy. So the movie is about him dealing with his average daily life despite him being super awkward and having super powers. The thing is, socially awkward people or people that have trouble interacting with someone they really like or people that are a bit of a introvert will probably find the character Bob to be relatable. He is far from being the suave, cool and charming Batman/James Bond type of hero. Despite the awkward comedic elements that is the main driving force of this movie. Where you can have the looks or the money or the most genuine and good intentions, but just has a difficult time with the woman or the man you have a big liking to. If your an audience member that just wants to see some superhero action, you will leave disappointed. They just didn't have the budget for that. But if you want a movie with likable protagonist and endearing awkward humor you might enjoy this one. This movie sort of reminded me of the movie "Hancock" in some ways, but I liked this one more. Despite the limited budget and the very short running time. It's actually a enjoyable independent film that is worth a watch. 7.1/10

Reviewed by alex_van_beek 7 / 10 / 10

Lovely little film

I put off watching this film for so long because of all the negative reviews on here but I've just finished watching it and felt compelled to log on here and tell you all just how much I enjoyed it and don't listen to all the negative reviews. I don't know what those people were expecting, maybe they prefer those awful Marvel Avengers films instead, in which case, I have no empathy with such people because I hated those. This is a nice little film with no huge budget, it didn't need one, it doesn't rely on effects and its not really a superhero film in that way. It's just a nice understated feel good film about a hopeless dullard who just happens to be the world's only superhero. I laughed or chuckled out loud more than three times and had plenty of moments were it just made me smile. It had a few familiar faces, the lead was recognisable to me from the series 'Derek', which I have to point out how much I hated that show so as not to tarnish the quality of my opinion. I enjoy everything Ricky Gervais has ever done with the exception of that show, Extras and the Office were amazing but Derek is the worst ordeal I've ever voluntarily put myself through. Sorry to go through that in more detail than was probably necessary, but yeah, the lead guy had a small role in that and this film is good and I recommend you see it.

Reviewed by retonho 7 / 10 / 10

Not epic nor aggressive. Touching and funny.

After watching the trailer I thought this was going to be the typical crap with all the cool shots in the trailer. The second statement is true. The first one isn't. I'm a regular rater and this is probably my first review. I feel the urge to write a positive review because this is the first time I've seen something different in a while. And it's also an independent production. It needs to be known. Superbob rocks. This is what Hancock wished to be. This movie has a real plot and real characters. For punches watch a DC/Marvel one. For story watch this. It's a simple one, very heartfelt and enjoyable.

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