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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_haakonsen 6 / 10 / 10

Good story, but we didn't need another alternate origin story...

Well, truth be told, I can't really claim to have been much overly excited when I sat down to watch this 2020 animated "Superman" movie. Why? Well, it is a superhero movie, and I am really overly keen on those. But still, two things made me sit down to watch "Superman: Man of Tomorrow". First of all, I hadn't already seen it, and I do like to watch movies I haven't already seen. And secondly, it had Lobo in it! Now, I will say that the storyline actually turned out to be good. I was enjoying it, for sure. But truth be told, why do we need another alternate origins story to Clark Kent and Superman? Haven't there been enough of those made already? To me, it grows tiresome when they keep re-writing origins stories for characters. It should be said that they had a good ensemble of voice actors and actresses brought in for this animated movie. And that is a very important aspect for an animated movie's success; having the right voice cast. I was very thrilled to know that it was Ryan Hurst adding his rough voice to Lobo, because that was just a superb fit. The animation style in "Superman: Man of Tomorrow" was adequate, although it bordered on being a bit too edgy at times. I mean, the style of drawing, not the way it was presented. Of course, this is a matter of personal preference. It was good, but I prefer a bit more smooth art style for animated movies. "Superman: Man of Tomorrow" will definitely please fans of the DC universe, I believe that much, and it was actually well-worth sitting down to watch. My rating of the 2020 "Superman: Man of Tomorrow" lands on a six out of ten stars.

Reviewed by qisfork 3 / 10 / 10

Just okay.

I was really excited for this one. Despite my feelings on him as a person, Max Landis really delivered a take on Superman that had lots of heart, soul, and wit in American Alien. Now, a few years later, Superman: Man of Tomorrow takes that story and wrings it dry. It's not a direct adaptation, but the elements are clearly borrowed from Clark's sleepover as a child, to his initial Superman costume, to settings like LexCorp, and Lobo being his first fight against an alien. And I get it, adapting Max's work is rightly controversial, but I wish they had stuck it a little closer to the original comic than trying to make an original story out of his initial concepts. What made American Alien work vs Man of Tomorrow is that it allowed Clark to be more experimental and full of personality. He got drunk, he reveled in how popular he was becoming, and sometimes he feared how powerful he actually was. Man of Tomorrow Clark feels dull, monotone, and completely lacking of charisma. I thought Darren Criss was a great choice for Clark, but I entirely put the blame on the direction rather than the choice of actor. Even Lobo, one of the most bombastic personalities of DC, feels oddly stripped of his fun-ness as the score of the movie sticks itself into ambiance and silence rather than a big bodacious overture. Tone, or lack there of, seems to be the biggest detractor of this film, making an hour and 26 minute film drag longer than 2 hour blockbusters, yet also feeling like its missing scenes that add any heart. I get it, Clark feels like an alien and is afraid to reveal his identity as one - but is that really the lesson you were adopting from American Alien? I still await a Superman origin film that really encapsulates that "Kal-El" is the boy scout puffing his chest and Clark is the real American man underneath. Also, making Parasite a Godzilla clone was just plain dumb. His death feels directly stolen from Shin Godzilla.

Reviewed by EddyTheMartian007 3 / 10 / 10

Worst Superman movie in literal decades.

When the movie begins with a young Clark Kent crying because his friend found an alien in a movie scary, you know how badly it's going to handle its themes. I'm not going to bother focusing much on the technical aspects, because they're the only good elements of the film. The animation is surprisingly good and smooth. I don't love the style, but it looks good and works. Voice acting is serviceable, nothing too special. I don't usually mention the sound design, but i particularly noticed how quiet this movie is. There's barely any ambience noise, it all sounds so off in some scenes, but it's serviceable overall. There isn't much else to mention, so let's jump into the story, which is what makes this one of the worst Superman movies of all time... After we began with that silly scene in the beginning, we go back to the present. Lex Luthor is doing a rocket launch. He allows Lois Lane to ask him a question, and she exposes him. The rocket launch fails, he gets arrested and Superman saves everyone from the rocket falling into a city. After a scene in the Daily Planet, out of nowhere, Lobo just comes so we can have some action. Lobo says there's a bounty on the last Kryptonian. Now this brings up a few questions. How do they know he's a Kryptonian, why did they come for him now, who put the bounty on him, and why? None of these are answered. I should probably mention that the action is pretty solid, until it starts making no sense. Lobo doesn't know why Superman is so strong, but he continently has a Kryptonite ring. Then he has a bomb that turns a random guy into the next villain, Parasite. When Superman is about to get beat by the Kryptonite ring, Martian Manhunter comes out of nowhere, and buys time for Clark to heal and stop Lobo. Most of the non action scenes in this movie are just about "Xenophobia bad." This isn't necessarily a bad thing, except it's handled so poorly. it's actually really dumb. Martian Manhunter comes to talk to Superman, but instead of just revealing himself and saying "Hey, I want to talk." He comes in all ominous, with red eyes, and then mind controls Pa Kent for a second for no reason. Anyways they have another talk about "Xenophobia bad," with the subtlety of one of Superman's punches. He also gets his Superman costume in this scene. There's a scene where Parasite's family is sad that he's in the hospital, which is a waste of time to humanize the character. He just Absorbs the life energy of some doctors and leaves. Lois is trying to expose the aliens, so she interviews Lobo. Parasite comes with perfect timing, and frees Lobo accidentally/ Superman comes with perfect timing, and then so does Martian Manhunter. Parasite absorbs Superman's powers, some of his knowledge, and now he is weakened. Same thing happens to Martian Manhunter, except then Parasite BURNS HIM ALIVE WITH HEAT VISION, LEAVING ASHES. As a Martian Manhunter fan I was pretty pissed, but these are the least of this movie's problems. Now he leaves Superman alive because...? Anyways, there's another scene with Lois, but she's honestly just annoying, and it gives Clark the idea to go to Lex Luthor for help... Now because Superman needs help, Lex Luthor is freed to help him. What? This makes no sense, but okay. Lex Luthor discovers that Parasite absorbs weaknesses too, and then Lobo comes to tell him the weakness after he was tracked down. Now I'm questioning why does Lobo care? He wants to kill Superman, so just kill him now since he's weakened, but nope, he's going to help apparently. Superman is working with an alien bounty hunter and a killer. He trusts them and they know his weaknesses. What could go wrong? Apparently Parasite also stole is intelligence, if he's this dumb. Parasite becomes giant, and they fight, but conveniently he losses Superman's powers, and Superman gains them again. Then Lobo suicide bombs him... What the hell? Also considering he now has Martian Manhunter's powers, why can't Superman laser him just like Parasite did to Martian Manhunter? And why did the explosion (which contains heat and fire) not hurt him either? I don't know, and clearly the writers don't care. Parasite is literally Godzilla now, and shoots beams from his mouth. The Parasite only has to absorb the power plant to become "too powerful to stop," but of course he goes for Superman. Wow what a surprise! Lex Luthor betrays Superman and stops both the Parasite and Superman. Plot twist! Martian Manhunter is Alive because he tricked Parasite, even though Parasite is shown to absorb knowledge too... Superman still apparently has powers even though Parasite just absorbed his powers. Lex Luthor runs away with the Kryptonite and leaves Parasite to go to a group of people, when Parasite can just absorb the power plant... So then Superman gives a stupid speech to Parasite that he's still human, and then he gives a speech about Xenophobia to the group of people, while Parasite just stands there. Now Parasite absorbs Superman's powers again. I still don't know why Parasite doesn't just kill him, but okay. Why doesn't Martian Manhunter use the Kryptonite weapons? I don't know. The power plant is exploding and Parasite absorbs the energy and dies. How convenient. It's shown as a sad moment even though this man brutally murdered multiple people. That's it. The movie ends with Martian Manhunter and Superman letting Lobo (who survived his suicide bombing) go, even though he's an alien bounty hunter who wanted to kill both Superman and Martian Manhunter. He reveals that there are more Martians, so Martian Manhunter leaves to find them, and that's basically it. Superman is stupid. Lois is annoying. Parasite is an evil monster, but he has a family, so sad. Lobo is a bounty hunter who's trying to kill Superman, but he forgets about it and leaves. Martian Manhunter is just there I guess. This movie barely has a plot or any character development. It's literally mostly just pointless nonsensical fights. Oh don't forget Xenophobia bad. I was really looking forward to this film because it seemed like it was gonna be a bright new direction for DC Animation, after what I found to be a pretty lackluster DCAMU, but if this is the direction they're taking, PLEASE COME BACK DCAMU! 3.5/10

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