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Nolan North as Mr. Simons
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by antaru_1976 9 / 10 / 10

Dream about it, at least.

Here is this movie and here I am, someone who liked it. A movie which got huge slaps in the face by critics pointing that this isn't more than something stoners would make for other stoners; and myself who never touched weed or any drugs. Even so, I liked Surfer, Dude. Better to say: I loved it. Because it helped me rethink what is important in life and what isn't. The main character (Addington) represents everything that people living in the cage of the consumer / mass society can only dream about, or should be dreaming about. He is the free man, part of and living with nature. Not a 9 to 5 office worker like the most of us, not someone having only twenty-some days off a year. Not working for the profit (which actually goes to other one's pocket), he is living for living, enjoying life, experiencing the mystery or magic of nature. There is a big contrast in the movie. The artificial vs the real. The video game and reality show versus the real surfing and life under the sun. Inside and outside. Addington is like a creature from another world, but at the end of the film it feels like he is the one from planet Earth (with the goat shepherd and the fisherman) and on the other hand we who made the fields chessboard looking, made the trees stand in order and in the exact same distance from each other in the forest, we are the aliens, or robots. He is the relaxed one we are the frustrated ones. He does only the positive things, and none of the negative ones, not even for money. "Not feelin' it. Not into it". This thing is double stated with the soul/Seoul people scene after the cast, at the very end of the movie. Actually I recommend Surfer, Dude for those, who feel frustrated after work or feel like there is more to life than doing overtime for surplus production. Yes the plot is simple, but has important questions. I accept the statement that the flow of the story is very slow, too. And overall, it could be a little bit better, like everything else. But the stills are beautiful. And in its slow way it gives me a long smile instead of periodic laughter. Chill out with the movie, dude. And think about your life for a minute.

Reviewed by rtg002 6 / 10 / 10

You guys are seriously harshing my morning mellow

I recently had the chance to see this movie, and I don't understand why so many people hate it. I don't think that this film was intended to be a deep think-piece. The people who have come on here complaining about the film seem to have missed the message, which is a shame, because they are the ones who could have benefited from the films laid back messages the most. Addington lives a perfect, untainted existence. He is free of all of the stress and flakiness (for lack of a better word) that permeates modern American life and culture. This movie helped me realize that relaxing and enjoying the things that bring joy to my life are equally, if not more important, than participating in the gigantic rat race that has come to dominate all aspects of modern day life. I admire this movie and its simplistic message, and to those who felt this movie was a waste of time, I would recommend relaxing and appreciating the stress free atmosphere that is present throughout the film.

Reviewed by geor_20284 6 / 10 / 10

a stoned near documentary comedy about surf

What is good about this film? Well if you are one of those people that got sick with overblown action movies or vampire teenage dramas, "Surfer, dude" is going to provide you a break. Like the waves though, it is good not to force this movie. It will come to you some day, in the TV, when you are back from work, tired and in need of something laid back. You don't have to spend a penny to see this movie. This is its central message: good things are for free. Well almost, you have to have a TV. Another good think is the view from the almighty ocean. Yes the shots of the sea and the waves will always have a calming effect on us, it is scientifically explained. The long beaches, the sand, the sun, Willie Reed are natural elements that relax us. The good parts of our world. The lead is in most natural, meaning always stoned. I never seen a more stereo typical view of a pot head but with a hint of control in the weed consumption. He smokes it, not the weed him. What is bad about the movie? Well it is not a serious, provocative film for cinema lovers. Surfer, dude is like the guy in school that you know you'll never have something in common but respect his different way of seeing things. The plot is not multi-layered or anything and the ideas are not explained in detail or in depth. Theories and ideas and intentions of the characters are just what it is. "What is good about surf? What is good about the wind..." The lines are poor, and the actors are just there, except of course Woody who is always a pleasure watch. If you want meaning, you can find it anywhere. Many say there is no meaning in this movie. Well i say you can find meaning in rock standing still, if you want to. There are simple meanings about capitalism and retrieval to nature and stuff like that. The only meaning is not to over analyze this movie. After all it is one more movie, that talks about not selling out to video games for money and still the movie product is out in the cinemas trying to make some money! In its defense, it doesn't try so much to sell itself with big explosions and romance but it is happy just to be out there. After all it was a bust, selling only a handful of tickets. I watched Surfer, dude last night in the TV and i enjoyed it for what it is. A movie that doesn't expect anything from you and you should do the same for Surfer, dude. Let it be and you never know when it will come to you...

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