Survive the Night


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Bruce Willis as Mikey
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Stanlee107 5 / 10 / 10

One hell of a night

The characters from this film reminds me of that of the brothers, Mattias(Tyler Jon Olson) & Jamie (Shea Buckner) in from dusk till dawn. There is a pair of criminals on the run after stealing money from their mob boss. One is the criminal mastermind, Mattias, and the other an unhinged character, Jamie, with whom his brother has the inevitable role to try and talk to keep in line. As John Steinbeck famously once wrote, the best laid plans of mice and men: sometimes things occur that cannot be planned for. They are heading off to Mexico & stop off to fill up their vehicle with fuel to make the remaining journey. Jamie, instead of paying for the fuel, decides to rob them instead, when they have already enough money to live off of, and during the shot out Mattias is injured. They cannot stop at a hospital as gun shot injuries are reported to the police but they so happens to stumble upon a disgraced doctor, Rich(Chad Michael Murray of One Tree Hill & House if Wax), & follows him home. They hold Rich and his family hostage and forces the doctor to perform surgery on the shot brother to save him. The most recognisable actor is Bruce Willis who plays the retired cop. There is a battle of wills and survival of the fittest in this film. This is one of Willis's better films he had done recently.

Reviewed by nebk 5 / 10 / 10

It's Difficult Expresing in Words How Pathetic This Is

Survive The Night is a terrible movie almost from start to finish. The acting is not a problem as such but the story is so badly written and unbelievable it resembles badly written fan fiction. Two brothers who are criminals and on their way to Mexico end up in a shootout and one needs medical assistance. They break into a house where a doctor and his family are staying with the parents of the doctor. And from there the movie dissolved into an almost hillarious sequence of events and dialogue. The story is so bad it's difficult to describe. The doctor is apparently responsible for a death of one of his patients in the big city. Oh, and he has a job practicing in a clinic near to where his parents live because apparently small towns don't care if the doctors have killed patients in the big city. The wounded criminal says that he is bleeding out and almost dead but it takes him about 8-10 hours or so to bleed out even after the doctor says he has been shot in the Femoral Artery. The doctor actually says that he is not a leg doctor and then he also says "or that kind of doctor" when he is being forced to perform surgery. Because hospitals have leg doctors apparently. He also states that his last patient died on the operating table because he stitched when he should have cut or cut when he should have stitched. You would think that he might remember these small details. The brother who hasn't been shot and is the dumb psychotic criminal threatens the doctor numerous times because they literally had no better dialogue to include in the film. And I mean he continuously repeats his threats as if the doctor has forgotten that his family is at stake. Or it might be the case that who ever wrote this movie thinks they need to remind the audience. The dialogue also gets worse and worse as the movie goes endlessly on and on. The actions of most of the characters make no sense for most of the film and the scenes are so drawn out and repetitive that they might both make you cringe and laugh at the same time. The protagonists get free, run away and are captured again, then they are wounded and run away and are captured again and again. And of course the process is repeated once again. The wounds that they receive only bother them at certain times though and other than grandma everyone in the family lives through the ordeal and ends up sitting and smiling on the porch. This was lazily written by someone who tried to stretch out a story that should have been 30 minutes into 1 hour and 30 minutes and they couldn't even do basic medical research into gunshots or their effects. And for the record anyone shot in the Femoral Artery would have bled out within minutes. The criminals make dumb choices to advance the plot and the heroes of the film have numerous chances to run away but they don't and are recaptured repeatedly and then the villain actually gives up on chasing them for a while and continues in the morning... Avoid this movie at all costs unless you want to watch a really bad movie and write a long review on why this movie should be avoided.

Reviewed by klauzse 5 / 10 / 10

2 robbers do crap and need help from a doctor

This movie is solid for what it is, using scenes based on the mountain of movies of this genre, but keeping it´s identity, altough it has a pretty simple plot and recicled moments all over itself. The 2 robbers that this film presents to the audience aren´t anything new or refreshing, one compassionate and other irrationally violent and dumb, wonder where they picked that idea, (Pulp Fiction) maybe, my opinion. There are also some flaws in the way that the image is shown, because in some moments it´s clearly visible the green screen behind the actors. Even though the film is a little bit repetitive, the soundtrack is appropriated for what is worth and the moments of compassion between the characters are almost believable for the spectator that is really, really into the movie. The movie is short, doesn´t even have 130 minutes of itself, and for it´s runtime the plot develops poorly and slowly, promoting a near slasher in the end, wich is quite bad. They really didn´t need that scene. I´m terribly sad that Bruce Willis isn´t getting opportunities to shine, this wasn´t obviously even close of his full potential.

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