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Angela Bassett as Narrator
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Pierce Brosnan as Mike Graham
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rupak_speaking 6 / 10 / 10

Not Unworthy Of Your Time

It is certainly not as bad as the ratings and majority of the reviews suggest. Yes, there are lots of plot holes to find, but I believe a movie should be judged by its entertainment quotient rather than its bullet-proof plot. This one keeps you interested. Brosnan, I felt, was pretty sharp in his role as the assassin and Mila does what she does best, run for cover and retaliate. As I always keep stating, a movie is half as good as its climax, this one though left much to be desired on that front, pretty low key to say the least. I go with a 6/10 for this one.

Reviewed by punisherversion1 3 / 10 / 10

Forgettable personified

Week 5: Survivor: Tomatometer rating is 9% Directed by James McTeigue and written by Phillip Shelby Here we have a misguided terrorism thriller starring an evil Pierce Brosnan rarely speaking and viciously killing people. Milla Jovovich works for the embassy that checks applications for visas. She stumbles upon a conspiracy and a world class assassin with a supervillain code name is sent after her to shut her down. From that description alone, you know exactly what is going to happen. It follows down this path and you can predict everything. I'm okay with them using 9/11 as inspiration for why this woman does what she does. It does for a brief moment show the twin towers and it brings you out of the movie a moment. It's not Christmas in Mississippi bad but it is pretty close. It does not stay long and the movie moves right along. This is one of those watch and immediately forget movies. From the director of V For Vendetta and The Raven, this is a mess in comparsion to what he's done before. It also makes one suspicious that maybe these other movies he directed had a different person guiding it throughout. This movie is so flat and so generic, you almost wish Milla would do yet another Resident Evil movie. I can't recommend the movie but it is easily the best of the bunch so far. Not exactly high praise. This is a bland and just dull film. I give this movie a D.

Reviewed by michael-kaercher 3 / 10 / 10


The movie is produced with the idea, to Position more female super Heros in Movies. An female Agent of Homeland security is sent to London to make sure no bad terrorists get a visa to the US (which is anyhow strange, since European citizens do not Need a visa to get to the US). Within the plot, Milla Jovovich who Plays the super hero gets twice blasted by explosions which devastate the environment around her. But she is not hurt and can continue to super-hero. Every other second someone misses her by Shooting at her. She beats up guys badly, takes their guns from them and shoots them. I think it is a fine Play for women-rights activists. I - personally - was attempted to leave after an hour. I should have done it. Thanks. But no thanks.

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