Sutton's Case



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chrimle 2 / 10 / 10

Drawn-out and boring

The acting was a bit off and the dialogue was horrendous. Most of the movie is way too dark and very disorienting. This in combination with the flat character, makes for a drawn-out and boring watch. The story was bland and quite predictable - but it is the strong point in all of this. Although it has terrible pacing. The sound design is laughably over-the-top with so much going on. There are badly timed and badly suited music playing from time to time, unsure if it was an attempt to tie with the story, but out of context, it makes for a really bad first impression. The movie does not really pick up pace until it is over, and if it were not for the introduction of the second character, it would have been even less bearable.

Reviewed by ferdmalenfant / 10


This is one of those movies where a man talks endlessly about absolutely nothing. A one man movie where nothing, and I mean nothing happens. Oh God what a long film. Bad acting, bad script, terrible camera work with a soundtrack to cringe to. No more than $500 could have been spent on making this trash.

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