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Austin Stowell as Richie
Denis O'Hare as Mike
Elizabeth Marvel as Katherine Conrad
Haley Bennett as Hunter Conrad
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by vonschmeel 3 / 10 / 10

Loads of Fake Reviews Warning

This film is dull from start to finish, then it just ends. there is no real plot at all. its miserable, you have been warned

Reviewed by charahvan 7 / 10 / 10

Don't waste your time...

This movie has potential but is done poorly, the first half is somewhat decent and watchable but it really goes downhill from there. It's just boring, slow and predictable.

Reviewed by jtindahouse 7 / 10 / 10

Not the film I was expecting at all

I really wish IMDb didn't have horror and thriller tags for this movie. It is neither of those things and that is going to encourage the wrong type of people to see this film. I went in expecting a horror vibe, and ended up enjoying the actual product a lot more than I suspect I would've the alternative. This is a character study, and a really good one at that. Haley Bennett is terrific in the lead role. I love that it showcases the point that even if you have everything a lot of people aspire to get - wealth, marriage, not having to work etc. - that it far from guarantees happiness. It's the old adage of "Be careful what you wish for". The "Swallow" aspect of this movie is really only there for a point of difference. I understand why they have to name the movie that, but I genuinely believe it would be better off if they'd gone with something different. The ending of this film was the highlight for me. It was handled in such a classy and thought-provoking way. Not everyone may feel satisfied with it and would prefer more of a justice angle to have been taken, but I really liked it. This wasn't the kind of film for the justice angle. I hope people don't go into this film expecting one thing, getting another, and being upset with the film for that. I liked this film and lot and would recommend giving it a look.

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