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Anjelica Huston as Mental Patient
James Earl Jones as Judge Issacs
Peter Boyle as (uncredited)
Sid Haig as Joa
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Shamenize 8 / 10 / 10

A great, all-around FUN pirate movie for the entire family!

First off, you've got to remember - This is NOT "The Life & Times Of Blackbeard"! It's a fun seventies romp - The Four Musketeers on the high seas! Now that you have that in mind, read on. How can one NOT like this movie?! It's the ONLY example of a "pirate movie" in my entire DVD collection - but it's the only one anyone needs. Robert Shaw turns in a commanding and amused performance as Red Ned Lynch - the captain of a scurvy band of pirates including James Earl Jones as Nick and Geoffrey Holder (The UNcola guy... you remember!) as Nick's knife wielding friend, Cujo. Throw in Genevieve Bujold as the damsel in distress/female interest, add Peter Boyle as the classic slimy Governor who abuses his subjects and you've got a recipe for an entertaining hour and forty minutes! Pay attention to some of the supporting character actors and you'll see quite a few you recognize from movies and TV of the time period - Avery Schrieber, Alfie Wise and Sid Haig just to name a few. And of course, we can't forget Beau Bridges as a perfectly stiff soldier and Angelica Huston as she known only as "Woman Of Dark Visage". Plotwise, this movie has it all - a British Governor who likes to spend his days in the bath playing with ships... a twisted little DeSade in training at his beck and call... the obligatory wronged member of the British aristocracy and his family-in-need... and of course, the moronic civil servant, Major Folly, who only wants to capture Red Ned Lynch and please The Governor. Do yourself a favor and go rent this one for the weekend - or even better, pick up the DVD. It's relatively cheap as an older catalog title and definitely a keeper. Because EVERYbody needs a good pirate flick now and again.

Reviewed by Ravenswing 6 / 10 / 10

An unjustly buried film ...

... then and now. Alright, I saw this flick as the opener for a circus in Radio City Music Hall on my first trip to NYC in 1976. I thought it grand then, and I haven't much changed my mind. I do agree with those who think that a better villain and ingenue could have been found than Peter Boyle and Genevieve Bujold (one of the most overrated actresses of the time), but the Shaw-Jones pairing sparkles. I loved the score so much I bought the soundtrack on vinyl -- dare I hope that it may be out on CD somewhere? The flick isn't long on plot, really, but the cinematography and action are spiffy, the characterizations work, and man, is Geoffrey Holder a bad ass! It's a sprightly movie and you'll spend a fun time watching it. Who knows, you might even have limerick contests with your mates the next time you're escaping from the local militia. Rating: 7/10

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10 / 10

Amusing adventures with intrepid pirates and exotic scenarios

Heroism , sword-play , ambushes and full of villainy swashbuckler . The film is a nice pirate-adventures movie , lavishly produced by recently deceased Elliott Kastner with habitual dueling, dungeon getaways , disguises and sexual hostility between hero and heroine . This classic story of romantic adventure comes to life enriched by Technicolor cinematography and accompanied by an excellent score . It is the tale of a buccaneer named Ned Lynch ( Robert Shaw recent his success in ¨Jaws¨ ) who takes over a ship of corsairs and wreak havoc on the high seas . The pirate join forces to Nick ( James Earl Jones of ¨Conan¨) and a knife-throwing giant (Geoffrey Holder of ¨Live and let die¨). They square off their nemesis, the viceroy of Jamaica ( Peter Boyle of ¨Young Frankestein¨) and his hoodlums ( a stiff and idiot Beau Bridges ). They're going a buccaneer settlement where meet the plundered judge's daughter (Genevieve Bujold of ¨Fascination¨) . Meanwhile, viceroy wishes a shipment of gold to transport from Jamaica until Spain . Then , they decide to take the ruler headquarter , the location strongest fortified from Jamaica. This is an agreeable entertainment juvenile romp well written by Jeffrey Bloom . The movie displays in grandiose style noisy action, swashbuckler, heroism , swordplay , slapdash , overwhelming fights, fist-play and humor with tongue in cheek . This release has some nice and even hilarious moments here and there , though isn't always interesting , sometimes is diverting and fresh and on a couple of sympathetic occasions is frankly delicious . Robert Shaw is cool as the pirate hero who finds dangerous situations while trying rob the shipment and save damsel in distress . This adventure movie with a high budget of multi-million of dollars packs breathtaking places , sea-fight and amusing plot . It's enriched by colorful cinematography reflecting spectacularly sea beaches by cameraman Philip Lathtrop filmed in location in Puerta Vallarta, Jalisco, Mexico and Singapore Lake, Backlot, Universal Studios, Universal City Plaza, California . Furthermore , lively and impressive musical score by John Addison . The motion picture is well directed by James Golstone ( Roller-coaster , When time ran out ). This standard and entertaining 7o's swashbuckling that combines with certain gusto all staples of the genre to be liked for Robert Shaw and Genevieve Bujold fans. Rating : Good , worthwhile watching .

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