Sweet Sixteen


Horror / Thriller

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Don Stroud as Roy Brown
Glenn Withrow as Johnny Franklin
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Steve Antin as Hank Burke
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Wuchakk 6 / 10 / 10

Whodunit slasher in a Southwestern town with a likable cast

RELEASED IN 1983 and directed by Jim Sotos, "Sweet 16" chronicles events in a West Texas town when a new family moves into town and there are a series of murders revolving around the 16 year-old daughter (Aleisa Shirley). The sheriff (Bo Hopkins) and deputy (Michael Cutt) try to track down the killer. Dana Kimmell and Steve Antin play the Sheriff's kids while Patrick Macnee and Susan Strasberg play the parents of the new girl. While this is a slasher, it's not overly gory and could be categorized as a whodunit mystery. The story kicks off with a quality bar confrontation, which reveals the racial tension in the town between whites and Natives. Despite all the gushing over the new girl (Aleisa Shirley), she's not all that, i.e. no curves. Dana Kimmell is the real beauty here. The cast is likable, particularly Hopkins as the main protagonist, and the early 80's ambiance is to die for. Don Shanks is notable as a kick axx Native. I liked the movie and enjoyed trying to figure out who the killer was amidst the red herrings, but found the wrap up a little eye-rolling and unsatisfying. THE MOVIE RUNS 1 hour, 30 minutes and was shot on the outskirts of Los Angeles. WRITER: Erwin Goldman. ADDITIONAL CAST: Don Stroud is on hand as a troublemaking cowboy. GRADE: B-

Reviewed by horror7777 6 / 10 / 10

Good Horror/Mystery Film

Sweet Sixteen is a mysterious film that is often enjoyable. Not often is the horror genre mixed with mystery, but in the case of Sweet Sixteen. The film revolves around Melissa, a girl becoming sixteen. The boys adore her...but they can't seem to be around her for long. As the tagline goes, everyone is DYING to meet her. Every boy around Melissa dies soon after meeting her. Southern Sheriff Bo Hopkins is once again a treat to watch, as he plays the role for the hundredth time. The film isn't as obvious as you might think, and it holds your interest until the end. Few flaws in the film make it an enjoyable viewing. You'll enjoy the film and its shocking climax. The acting is up to par, and the film is as well. Enjoy!!

Reviewed by merklekranz 6 / 10 / 10

Unsatisfying ending .... but with Bo Hopkins & Don Stroud what's not to like?

A dynamite cast gives this minor thriller some real class. The story progresses in a logical manner as sheriff Bo Hopkins tries to figure out some very perplexing stabbing murders. Don Stroud plays the town heavy and Indian hater. Several "red herrings" are floated by the audience, any one of which would have proved more logical than the "out of thin air" ending. The ad lib conclusion is ridiculous and not believable. "Code Red" has done a good job quality wise with the DVD. Having an interview with Bo Hopkins on the extra features is another plus. I just wish someone had ditched that awful, confusing, and unsatisfying ending. - MERK

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