Swept Under


Mystery / Thriller

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October 27, 2020


Devin Kelley as Daisy
Marianne Farley as Gem Whitman
Stephen Bogaert as Fred Urquhart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Ed-Shullivan 8 / 10 / 10

So many head twists and turns its better than any rollercoaster ride

Impressive for a made for TV movie. This would have done well in a chain of movie theaters and we got to see it for free on TV. What a bargoon!!!! The overall story is of a post murder scene cleaner named Morgan Sher (Devin Kelley) who gets hired by the local police stations to clean up the blood and brain matter left on walls and furniture from residences after the murder scene is cleared by the detectives, impresses one of the new detectives named Nick Hopewell (Aaron Ashmore). So the murder scene cleaner Morgan and the novice detective Nick start discussing the murder scene and what may have caused the murder in the first place. Before you know it, the two new friends start finding more dead bodies which seem to all have a few common elements to their murder scenes. I don't want to spoil any of the better than average story line with its twists and turns but suffice to say the film is well worth watching. In fact I will be looking for it in the future to watch it again. I love a good mystery/suspense/thriller and SWEPT UNDER fits that bill. i give this made for TV movie a solid 8 out of 10 rating

Reviewed by wes-connors 9 / 10 / 10

Orchestrating Murder

After police investigators collect evidence, attractive Devin Kelley (as Morgan Sher) cleans up crime scenes. Possessing a strong stomach and gag reflex, Ms. Kelly is able to mop up excessive human blood and squeegee splattered brains off windows. She cleans up well. Kelly is on the job when she meets likewise attractive homicide detective Aaron Ashmore (as Nick Hopewell). He also looks sexy in one of those neatly trimmed beards so popular in "Lifetime" TV movies today. He and she are mutually attracted, but Kelly has a hinted-at history of relationship problems. Due to her experience, Kelly is able to figure out how a bloody murder happened, by surveying the crime scene. She agrees to help Mr. Ashmore on his first case, but tells him no dating while they work together... When the case turns out to be a serial killer, how long can they keep from playing hide the pistol? For most of the first half, this is a very engaging movie. Director Michel Poulette works exceptionally well delivering the story, by Doug Barber and James Phillips; he manages his co-stars with skill. Obviously, Kelly and Ashmore have the kind of chemistry that could sustain a TV series, or more movies. The story wisely keeps them out of bed for a sustained period of time. This is the secret appeal of many screen team-ups (and buddy movies); after they do it, we're done. The second half of the unfortunately titled "Swept Under" aka "Maid for Murder" is interesting, but much less satisfying. The co-starring couple are shifted from murder mystery to near horror. To their credit, they and Mr. Poulette keep you interested through an uncomfortable tone shift and choppy ending. ***** Swept Under/Maid for Murder (12/6/2015) Michel Poulette ~ Devin Kelley, Aaron Ashmore, Stephen Bogaert, Brett Ryan

Reviewed by garyoa1 9 / 10 / 10


Fascinating story, interesting plot twists. Not to mention incredibly brilliant acting. More or less a dark comedy that turns darker. I stumbled across this one by accident and seemed it may prove interesting. Well, it was much more than that. A real pleasure to watch actors actually acting. They make it look easy.

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