Swim at Your Own Risk


Crime / Drama / Thriller

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Javicia Leslie as Samantha Morgan
Keesha Sharp as Gina Morgan
Tava Smiley as TV Reporter
Zak Henri as Travis
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bkoganbing 3 / 10 / 10

Needs a lifeguard

Too much was left unsaid about our villain Tom Maden as to his motives for doing the bad things he does in Killer Coach. Maden plays an assistant swimming coach who seduces his star pupil Javicia Leslie and then won't leave her alone. Maden was hired by Keesha Sharp who is Leslie's real coach and also her mom. He gets hired so Sharp can concentrate on the rest of the team and more time in the mom role. As it turns out Maden has some real issues that deal with his own mother who is departed now. It all doesn't bode well for mother and daughter. What can I say but it's a trashy exploitation flick and not even fun like trashy. Maden's psychological motives remain unexplained by the story. Skip this one.

Reviewed by wes-connors 1 / 10 / 10

Not Smarter Than a 5th Grader

Attractive high school swimming star Javicia Leslie (as Samantha Morgan) lands in hot water after making waves with her handsome, well-built assistant coach Tom Maden (as Bryce Hinge). Talking a dip with Mr. Maden could jeopardize Ms. Leslie's college and Olympic opportunities. Her blond boyfriend Cameron Jebo (as Lucas) senses something is up. Leslie's single mom Keesha Sharp (as Gina), a former swimming champion, could have some ugly secrets from her past revealed. They all become entwined in a "Lifetime" TV movie filled with fleeting sex, firm skin, and a seemingly psycho killer... While the cast of "Killer Coach" is imaginatively diverse, the characterizations and story do not make the grade. A college setting might have helped. Leslie is especially unlike a high school teenager. However, she and her leading men are good looking. The most convincing acting is accomplished by Ms. Sharp, who benefits from seeming to fit her role. Lee Friedlander's direction and Ian S. Takahashi's underwater photography are strengths. While this is certainly and unabashedly a formula movie, you couldn't be blamed for thinking the pieces might add up to something more entertaining and engaging. *** Killer Coach (6/3/2016) Lee Friedlander ~ Javicia Leslie, Tom Maden, Keesha Sharp, Cameron Jebo

Reviewed by msblackeyes68 1 / 10 / 10

Main character butchered the movie.

School gym assistant coach takes a liking to one of his swimmers and after meeting with her for the third time has sex with her in the pool. She immediately tells him it's over and of course he doesn't listen. He finds evidence about her mom, the actual swimming coach, about her taking drugs from when she was a swimmer and threatens to expose the mom if she doesn't continue to see him. He also has a video of the two having sex in the pool. The problem I had was how unbelievable the girl was. Her wide eyed doe look was annoying. You didn't get a sense of her fear or anxiety. It all felt like she was trying to hard. That she was "acting". It's hard to enjoy a movie like this when the main character isn't convincing. The movie felt rushed. They should have spent a little more time building tension between the girl and the stalker. Instead she went hot and cold so fast your head spun. And then the "climax" was horrible. ****major spoiler alert**** He ties up mom and then using her phone lures the girl to the pool. She gets there only to find him Holding a gun. He tells her he wants to go back to the night they had sex and makes her get into the water with him. She jumps in and pretends to want him and then shouts NO and proceeds to belittle him. He drowns her and she holds her breath then when he lets her go she jumps out grabs the gun and shoots him. Now when she started to belittle him I was shaking my head. It was so sad to see someone fail so miserably at acting but when she shot him and tried so hard to look horrified all I could feel was embarrassment for her. I kid u not. Don't watch the movie but fast forward to that scene. There is no way anyone could keep a straight face. The rest of the actors weren't that bad. But the main character ruined the movie. If your leading lady can't convince an audience that she's a damsel in distress. If you Can't feel her anxiety or fear then your film is in trouble. I've disliked movies before and have been disappointed in some people's acting skills but this is the first time I truly disliked a movie based solely on one of the characters horrible acting skills. If they had chosen a different actress (I use the term loosely) it would have been a solid 6/10. There were some irrational story-line flaws such as her going to see his dad, and his dad who didn't know the girl from Adam told her things no parent would tell a complete stranger. Or who came to the rescue of the mom, did they put all the characters name in a hat and drew one? There are much better movies similar to this that is so much better. I recall one that had mark walburg in it that was pretty good actually. I would search for that one and give this one a wide berth.

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