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George Clooney as Fred Friendly
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cllmhpkns 3 / 10 / 10

Too many characters, too many timelines, poor dialogue

Syriana's faults lie within the scripting with fine directorial choices being made. Employing a 4 multiple timelines is a difficult task and one that is not achieved very well. Yes, the structure is meant to mirror the complicated ugly nature of the U.S.A's relationship with the middle east and oil. However, it leaves the audience unable to connect with the characters and the plot, relying on poor and forgettable exposition. As a political thriller it has moments where the potential shines through often as a result of the score. Although, those moments are few and far between. George Clooney's performance is passable- not deserving of a best supporting academy award however, that should've belonged to Gyllenhaal. The ending of the film is disappointing, with the very end forseeable and cliched, while Clooney's end fate literally made me burst out laughing with some of the most ridiculous dialogue I have ever heard. 3/10

Reviewed by classicsoncall 8 / 10 / 10

"Corruption is how we win."

Still confused? Don't be. Reading the FAQ's page attached to this film will help out a lot, even though some of the explanation is complex in itself. Bottom line is that a wealthy Prince (Alexander Siddig) and an American CIA operative (George Clooney) racing against time both die at the hands of a powerful U.S. force intent on pursuing it's interest in the oil fields of an unnamed Arab emirate. All the rest is complicated to be sure, and I'm not going to say that I was always able to follow every detail myself, but it's an intriguing story that's largely non-political and not ideologically driven. In other words, it's all about the money. One thing that's been made moot since this film came out largely negates energy analyst Bryan Woodman's (Matt Damon) argument to Prince Nasir (Siddig), that being that the Prince needs to consolidate his own power before all the oil in the Middle East dries up. Since then, a number of developments in the oil industry have come along to insure the availability of oil for next few hundred years - the introduction of fracking and horizontal drilling, and the discovery of massive new oil fields throughout the United States, thus making America the 'new' Saudi Arabia of the oil world. Given the complexity of the story, it might be a good idea for most viewers to set aside some time for a second or third viewing, though I'm sure that's not practical or even desirable for most folks. It's certainly not a top priority for myself either, though I'll probably get around to it someday. For me personally, there's too many movies out there and too little time, and I'd rather move on and give my attention span a bit of a rest.

Reviewed by jlaird-00396 8 / 10 / 10

Harsh reality of the oil business

Very complex movie about the unholy alliance between the oil industry, the CIA and Saudi Arabia. George Clooney's character is loosely based on a real person Bob Baer who was deputy director of operations middle east for the CIA in 1980's. The film shows a harsh indictment of the CIA as a group of bungling bureaucrats who refuse to listen to the man on the ground. They are more interested in covering their own asses and their kids soccer games. They have no loyalty to anyone, which makes them easy to manipulate by the huge oil companies. One of the best films on the middle east.

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