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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bezenby 8 / 10 / 10


Ha! Why watch Die Hard, Universal Soldier, Terminator, Blade Runner or any buddy cop movie when you can just watch T-Force? That's all those films rolled into one. I nearly forgot the post-apocalyptic battle using mad max-style buggies! And all the other crap! T-Force is so awesome that we're introduced to T-Force by them posing in a futuristic landscape while stuff burns behind them, the first of many scenes that end with a character walking away from an explosion. We also get the plot of Die Hard condensed into a twenty minutes sequence as Vernon Wells turns up in a quick Klaus Kinski-like cameo, taking over a skyscraper, killing some dudes, then having all his men slaughtered by a bunch of cyborgs who discuss Assimov's rules of robotics while totally throwing those rules out of the window. Also, many people are thrown out of windows in this film too. Jack Scalia also turns up as a grizzled cop who's probably correct in assuming that the cyborgs are a little heavy handed as they manage to kill about half a dozen civilians while blowing Vernon Wells to bits. This causes a lot of talk about primary directives and such like but you know what that means: The robots go rogue, following their own crazy logic. Except for the one that buddies up with robot hating cop Scat Jalia. So we've got indestructible cyborg killing machines like Terminator and Universal Soldier not only discussing their mortality, but also indulging in a bit of pro-creation. I was hoping at this point the female cyborg would become pregnant for some extra brain damage but they just kind of forgot about all this very quickly. Jack cranks up the robot racism but his heart melts when his cyborg buddy fixes his car, as you do. Then some other stuff happens that's also cool. And the main bad robot gets shot in the head but for some reason the bullet wound moves to the other side of his head for the last ten minutes of the film. Totally derivative, low budget, and cheesy, T-Force is also awesome for trying to fit so much into an hour and a half. Loved it when they jumped in those buggies for a car chase.

Reviewed by deshan-78580 2 / 10 / 10

Fun Cheesy Movie from PM Entertainment

Before I start this review, let me let you guys know that this movie may contain some spoiler alerts, if you can't handle them, then don't read this review. T-Force is a 1994 direct to video Action movie directed by Richard Pepin (the co-founder of PM Entertainment). The story follows a group of 4 cyborg soldiers being made to protect the law from terrorists then later the T-Force has gone rogue (except for Cane who ditched them) and start going on killing spree because they do not wanna be dismantled. So now it's up to our Lt. Jack to stop the rampaging T-Force from killing any more people. Overall, this was a cheesy, but fun movie, after all, what can I expect from PM Entertainment. Some of their films are cheesy fun, and others are cheesy boring (cough cough Cybertracker). So I'll give this movie a 8 out of 10. If you love cheesy corny movies like this, then I recommend watching this movie. End of review. Rated R for violence, brief nudity, and some coarse language.

Reviewed by ksf-2 2 / 10 / 10

yawn. is this film still on ?

Cheesy, cheesy, cheesy... like a big bowl of melted Velveeta. At the open, some group is breaking into some building, killing everyone in sight. They seem to be after "the ambassador"... the acting is pretty shady, along with everything else. The actors all say each line as if that one line is the most important line of the film. My favorite actor name in here is Clement von Franckenstein (really!)... he is the ambassador. Erin Grey probably best known for Buck Rogers and Silver Spoons, is The Mayor. I did not enjoy this at all... even the robots were arguing about what the "prime directive" is, when they decide to take over. Bad script, bad acting, bad direction. Don't waste your time. Some films are so bad, they are funny or fun, but it just doesn't happen here. Maybe it was meant for the kiddies, but there is a whole lot of cussing, so I wouldn't let the munchkins watch it! Find something else to do.

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