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Reviewed by roth81 6 / 10 / 10

Not that great but pretty fun to watch

Olivier Gruner stars as Alex, who is a member of the Tactical Neutralization Team. Former soldiers now working for Eric Roberts who finances this team out to do his bidding. After Alex is betrayed by the team and accidentally kills a child he leaves the group and starts a new life in Colorado. Randy Travis plays the town sheriff where Alex has started a new life. The TNT team has now targeted to take out Alex and anyone with him. The movie is an action movie with no good acting. The best acting comes from Gruner, shame on the rest of the cast. The fight-scenes are great, as you might aspect from Gruner! The action and fighting from especially Gruner makes this a fun and watchable movie!

Reviewed by fmarkland32 1 / 10 / 10

Turkey Shoot...#5

Olivier Gruner (Finally I can go back to reviewing other movies, since this wraps up my turkey binge)stars as a gym instructor who's past jumps out of the bushes and bites him in the ass. (Or as Randy Travis puts it) It seems that Gruner is part of a unit called TNT (this is one of the film's better ideas) and after the senseless murder of a woman and child, Olivier gets sad and runs away from the unit. Eric Roberts and Sam "Flash Gordon" Jones are the guys who want to take him on. Helmed by Robert Radler, TNT fails miserably as a generic stupid actioner, the movie is mercilessly boring for it's first half only to be undeniably hilarious it's second half. The climax is alone worth it for fans of camp because Gruner and Jones duke it out in what amounts to the world's most ridiculous climax. Acting-wise, Randy Travis probably gives the best performance, giving an adequate tough guy role, despite not having enough screen time. Eric Roberts and Sam J. Jones on the other hand seem totally embarrassed, as they should be. Gruner is as usual dependably bad, with awkward acting so reprehensible it makes you cringe. Indeed watching Olivier Gruner interact with Rebecca Staab (Who plays Olivier's girlfriend) is truly as bad as it gets. The fight sequences would be okay, if not for the god-awful directing and basically it becomes quite obvious that this was a quick shoot. Indeed Radler rebounded with the far more enjoyable Substitute 4:Failure Is Not An Option, although that one is no great shakes, at least it doesn't have Olivier Gruner trying to talk all lovey-dovey with his co-star. Then again though, nobody gets hit by a truck in Substitute 4... * out of 4-(Bad)

Reviewed by tothextreme2099 1 / 10 / 10

I'm sad to say i own this

Yes, I own this but at least I didn't pay much, 'cause it was used. Anyway, this film is boring, Oliver's accent is annoying and he puts on that " I don't want to fight you", good guy act, that Van Damme used to put on in the eighties- if you dont know what I mean, watch the film, I mean B movie cause this is in no way a "film"!

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