Table 19


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rust_brittany 10 / 10 / 10

Ladies: Annoyingly Adorable

I added this movie to my watchlist as an 'I like the actors in it, but I should watch this to fall asleep' kinda thing. Preparing for bed, yawning and tired, the movie begins. Intrigued, great acting, lots of smiling, and some major laughing out loud moments later... An hour and twenty seven minutes flew by so enjoyably that now I can't sleep. I'm annoyed by how good this movie is but I would say it's more for people who enjoy humor, prettily wrapped presents, and that weird feeling you get when you're all 'soft' on someone/something. Not boring. Not dark and twisty. Not zombies eating vampires. Not Trojans coming out of a horse. Don't know why reviewers are so set on looking for those things. *Eyeroll* Yes to romance, comedy, and feeling sad the movie ended because it's a 'feel good' while you're in it.

Reviewed by MFL 4 / 10 / 10

Brilliant, intelligent comedy. Does not disappoint

So I loved this movie! It's a brilliant single setting-ish script about various "reject" guests at a wedding table with Anna Kendrick in the lead. It's like "The Breakfast Club" of wedding movies. The script is witty, intelligent and the attention to detail for the set, specifically with the wedding band and their selection of songs, was sublime. Bravo to the Duplass brothers on pulling together a very well-made and well-thought out film. Lisa Kudrow shows she still has great talent and her deadpan comedy is still funny. And the pairing of Kudrow with Craig Robinson as her husband was genius, they actually pair off of each other really great. Anna Kendrick's character Elsie dreads going to her former best friend/former boyfriend's sister's wedding. She meets the other rejects at the table and explains the pecking order of the wedding tables. Elsie meets a dashing stranger Huck, confronts the former boyfriend/bride's brother, and the Table 19 guests have quite the day with unexpected twists. Highly recommend.

Reviewed by Prismark10 4 / 10 / 10

Maybe trying too hard to be cringe inducing

Table 19 is an uneven cringey comedy which eventually gathers some kind of momentum if you stick with it. Eloise (Anna Kendrick) was due to be the bridesmaid at her oldest friend's wedding until her boyfriend who happens to be the bride's brother dumped her by text several weeks before the ceremony. He then hooked up with an old girlfriend. Even though Eloise half planned the wedding she is now one of six wedding guests seated on the reject table, the table furthest away from all the action. These guests that should had said no to attending the wedding. Her table contains misfits. An awkward cousin of the bride who is on parole, a horny teenager, the bride's old nanny and a warring married couple. Eventually they all find some common ground and bond. The eccentricities of the characters does not really make the film funny. It also wants to surprise you with some twists, but some of the characters still came across as douches especially Eloise's ex boyfriend.

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