Taking a Chance on Love



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John Bregar as David
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by edwagreen 9 / 10 / 10

Taking A Chance on Love Dares to Do It! ****

Genie Francis leads an outstanding cast in this wonderful film dealing with two women virtually being forced to rediscover their philosophies of love. The story opens up when a woman disagrees with advice that another gives in her column. The two women meet and the story of their lives comes out and what stories to behold. The writer gave up her child when during her pregnancy, her husband, who she thought was cheating on her, was killed in an auto accident. Finding her daughter years later, she discovers that the latter's adoptive parents have died and there is the problem of connecting with her. Further complications ensue when she finds love with a divorced sports columnist whose son has left school and wishes to pursue art school. The woman who wrote her has quite a story of her own to tell. Coming from a political family, she married into another despite finding love with a fellow officer from her husband's naval team. When she finds out that she is pregnant, to avoid scandal, she weds her intended and brings up the child as his. This all occurred in 1966 and her husband was killed in a boating accident. Despite the fact that her lover's wife has also died, she hesitates in rekindling her relationship when the writer brings the two of them together. The stories are wonderfully interwoven with fine performances by all concerned. This is certainly a tale for the romantics.

Reviewed by sandcrab277 5 / 10 / 10

two tall tales

Typical genie francis soap opera woven in horse manure, overflowing and spilling onto the screen ... there was zero love evoked in either of these two stories ... truly enough to cause me to wretch a few times ... i knew i recognized ted mcginley, oh wait, he's a nobody who has done nothing significant ... so why is he here ? don't waste your time on these lifetime movie failures

Reviewed by Jackbv123 5 / 10 / 10

Two love stories woven together

I never got to the point where I cared that much about Peyton and King. Perhaps it would have helped if I'd seen the previous story in the series. As is, I kind of shivered when they kissed, like kids do when they go "Ick" over mom and dad. The story of Eve, Billy and Ben was a little more interesting, but it didn't just grab me either. The acting and production were good. Actually the story wasn't bad either, it just didn't grab me.

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