Taking Chance


Drama / War

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Emily Wickersham as Kelley Phelps
Kevin Bacon as Husband - Young Couple
Mike Colter as Rafe
Paige Turco as Stacey Strobl
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by kadushke 9 / 10 / 10


I was really amazed by this film - there is no actual action in it but is so emotionally strong! At first sight it looks like documentary but it's actually not. The topic - bringing home dead soldier - is really heart-breaking, involving all of us, thou not everyone of us has direct ties with the military. I was pleased that there was no propaganda, no politics, no religion - just simple truth and reality. And Kevin Bacon played his part so well - to catch and express that thin line between grief, sympathy, doubt and strict military training. No surprise he won golden globe for it. This film has to be seen by everyone, no matter where they live, what religion or political view they have.

Reviewed by sc_kaandorp-716-83402 9 / 10 / 10

Good Movie

I'm not Pro-USA or Pro-Marines. That is not the point of this movie. It's a realistic view of the respect and honor fallen soldiers get when they come home for the last time. I cried for about 3/4 of the movie. Very good acting from Mr.Bacon. And the other cast are very good also. I gave it a 8 out of 10 because of the way this movie is made. Let's us show how soldiers are treated after death and get this much personal respect and honor. (sorry for my bad English, i'm from the Netherlands) Greetings

Reviewed by Rodrigo_Amaro 9 / 10 / 10

A Good Movie That Honored the Brave Without Battle Scenes. Excellent Performance by Kevin Bacon.

The 2000's decade redefined the war movie genre much because of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. And many times viewers tend to classified a movie as political or not, accurate or not, blood and guts versus contextualized and serious movies. In times when "Jarhead" or "The Hurt Locker" were so heavily criticized for having political statements (or not) on war, in "Taking Chance" you see something different. Here comes a movie that says more about bravery and honor to a duty than many war action movies. And its message sounds and appear better than movies made of Second World War, Vietnam War, any other war. Based on a true story, the story follows LtCol Mike Strobl (Kevin Bacon), a military who volunteered to escort the body of 19-year-old Marine Chance Phelps back to his hometown of Dubois, Wyoming. While on journey he realizes his importance on this function and how people get touched by his gesture. The main plot is very original, it's something rarely showed in movies. It was interesting to see all the procedures taken before the corpse be transferred by car and airplanes, all the service made by the military who washes the body, collects the personal objects and similar things. And there's also the views of the main character on what he's doing and the way he deals with the matter and the people he sees on his journey. One of the most memorable scenes is when all the cars made a straight line escorting Mike's car and the funeral car carrying Chance's body. All the cars lined up, slowly. A very good homage. It's a good portrayal about the people who stood up for something sacrificing their lives for its country. Instead of showing up battle scenes, the movie opted to include a conversation between Bacon's character and a soldier friend of Chance about how he died saving everybody else. It's a very touching scene (and the best also). After that Mike has a brief conversation with a war veteran (played by Tom Aldredge) where he thinks he could be a better person or he could do more if he was fighting in Iraq. The old man replies that what Mike's saying is nonsense. And we must agree with that. He's doing a noble thing, a great thing for his country even outside of enemy lines. It's a great movie and there's no political message, or military propaganda on the surface and not even behind it. And even if it had a political context it still would be a great movie. I don't know why people get so touchy and bothered about such statements and such views. After all, politics is one the basis of mankind, basis of a society and when it's included in a film it can make a film more interesting. If it had such things in "Taking Chance" it would drag the movie in other direction and anyway that's another story. An incredible tour-de-force performance by Kevin Bacon, who really captured the essence of a Marine devoted to his duties, and also showed a good emotional side not trying to do such. He's powerful here. But I still think that Golden Globes and SAG Awards should award Brendan Gleeson for "Into the Storm" (different story but both contain war as subject). Gleeson playing Churchill was more difficult, he had a tough and heavy text to portray and the aged makeup to make him similar to the British leader. But that doesn't make Bacon's acting less visible or inferior. Watch it and you'll enjoy it. One of the rare films of today that lacks of criticism, and it's great because of that. It certainly honors all the brave people on battles, risking their lives whatever the cause, whatever the cost. 9/10

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