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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by dbdumonteil 10 / 10 / 10

Patrice Leconte leads with brio a "tandem" of two terrific actors

A movie released in 1987, "Tandem" represents a turning point in Patrice Leconte's work. Indeed, from this film, this brilliant director gives up comedy to shot more dramatic movies which will enable him to assert a more personal and more original style. Thus, "Tandem" is the first of a quite long series of movies that will make Leconte one of the most accomplished French filmmakers ever. "Tandem" is a thrilling and consistent film in the way Leconte succeeds in cleverly blending road-movie, drama and comedy. The latter expresses itself in several forms. For example, several details of the movie gives it a little surrealist air (Rivetot who has an obsessive fear of red dog, Mortez who can't stand the sight of drivers who have a picnic on the edge of the road). Leconte uses these somewhat absurd details to shot comical situations. The best example can be found in the following sequence: as Mortez and Rivetot's car breaks down, they have to host their radio program in the country. The candidates are the ones who fixed them and they are people who are actually picnickers! Concerning drama, it is especially present in the background of the film: Rivetot's will to hide the truth from Mortez about the cancellation of the game. On another hand, in dramatic sequences Leconte knows how to create the emotion, partly thanks to the music. Then, "Tandem" is served by two exceptionally talented actors. Leconte describes then with a touch of ironic humor. On one hand, Jean Rochefort (who will often be one of Leconte's favorite actors), a proud and haughty man who only lives for his radio program. On another hand, Gérard Jugnot, a jovial man who is impressed by his partner (it is to be noted that it is the first movie in which he acts without his mustache). Through their adventure, not only is it a real friendship story that Leconte aims at showing us. Ultimately, "Tandem" is a fine success of a gifted director and if you wish to discover Patrice Leconte's movies, this one constitutes a good start.

Reviewed by Forbes500 9 / 10 / 10

La vache !

Another great movie from Patrice Leconte. About whom we fans of his can say, like Michel Mortez, that it's been twenty--what am I saying?--twenty-five years that he's been making fine movies. And while Jean Rochefort's Mortez, with his airs of a "grand seigneur" is a fine character, I was more entranced by Jugnot's Rivetot, the wonderfully human Sancho Panza to Mortez's Don Quixote. Leconte is an unusual writer and director: supremely intelligent, witty, cool, mature, he nonetheless has the ability to write roles for an actor like Jugnot, who seems at heart, and in the most endearing way, still to be a child. I don't know how Leconte manages this feat. All I can do is marvel.

Reviewed by writers_reign 9 / 10 / 10

Two For The Road

Another great movie from Leconte and one that marked a departure from the strictly laugh-filled movies he'd done up to this point. This one has everything, comedy, certainly, but seasoned with a dash of pathos and honest sentiment. Rochefort is outstanding as usual - not for nothing does Leconte use him time and time again - but the revelation is Gerard Jugnot, also best known at this time for strictly comedy roles, displaying a wonderfully sensitive side and limning a real 'human' being foreshadowing by some fifteen years his standout performance in Les Choristes (still, disgracefully, unshown commercially in London almost a year after its release in France and some six months after being released in HONG KONG!). Jugnot plays Rivetot, mechanic, engineer, sidekick and general dogsbody to Rochefort's Mortez. Mortez is the host of a radio quiz show with which he has been touring France for several years but his penchant for gambling means there is very little in the kitty so that the two men are obliged to share twin-bedded rooms in each town they play. The radio station have effectively axed the show but Rivetot keeps the news from Mortez, knowing it would metaphorically kill him. This is a wonderful melange of laughter and tears and warm, human friendships and shows Leconte emerging as a consummate film maker.

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