Tangent Room


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by MR-Katt 1 / 10 / 10

Brilliant stupidity

For a bunch of scientists trapped in a room that they have many ways to leave it sure they are not that brilliant ,boring low budget movie with boring acting and script that offers nothing at all just total waste of time ,oh and that poster has nothing to do with the movie it's just some scientists sitting in a room and talking crap the whole movie ,that's it nothing more .

Reviewed by Snootz 6 / 10 / 10

Self-absorbed drivel

I would attempt to call this the best of cerebral fiction, except it's not the best of anything. This starts out as an interesting premise: four people have four hours to solve a problem or die (Cease to exist? Never existed? Always exist? WHO KNOWS?). The acting starts out reasonably well-done, but soon digresses into a mess of bad directing and poorly-executed unimpressive camera effects. It's not a matter of "we don't get it". We get it fine-- and it spews. While the idea (which I won't state here-- spoilers) has an interesting foundation, the rest of the house is poorly constructed. The science is the worst of theoretical guessing, the math is nonsensical scribbles (at least, as far as the audience can tell), and the ending totally lacking in substance or sense (other than pure fantasy, which has no place in this supposedly pure-science production). This is a sneezed boogar of a film that hit a wall and stuck, visibly for everyone to see. The concept had potential, but the execution was severely flawed. Suggestion: re-write, re-make, from start to finish, and next time make sense rather than throwing logic and sensibility out the submarine window.

Reviewed by lemon_magic 6 / 10 / 10

Winds for a big punch that it never quite lands

I went into "Tangent Room" with very few expectations - four (eventually five) actors in a room arguing about ideas is nothing new as a premise. But if it is done well, the premise can make for an interesting "Twilight Zone" experience, and that's almost always worth having. And it starts out pretty well - the introduction of the characters is well done; the actors are interesting to watch; they can work a dialog-heavy script with crispness and verve; the central mystery driving the plot is reasonably Kafka-esque; and the swerve into paranoia and survival mode is delivered nicely. There's even some nice "mood shots" of the star-filled night skies outside the observatory (where the characters supposedly are trapped) to give the viewer a break from all the claustrophobia. So I can buy the premise - four scientists working with a mysterious string of numbers somehow deduce that reality is about to collapse, and then their efforts to arrive at a solution is hindered as reality starts to collapse around them. But somewhere in the middle of an endless and annoying string of jump cuts and editing tricks, the screenplay overtaxes my patience and loses my interest, because apparently all the director really wanted to do was use the discontinuity film tricks from "Altered States" . And the end resolution doesn't work. The scientists don't actually "do" anything that I can see once they discover the problem - it's their simple presence in the room and their unified will - and the will of their other-dimensional counterparts (NOT their brilliance) that saves reality. (So a bunch of plumbers,architects and ad execs who were sufficiently motivated, imaginative, and informed could have done the same thing). There's a big concept to deliver, and the movie just doesn't have the moxie to do that in the space it has. (I'm not sure ANY movie on a scale less than "2001" or "The Matrix" could deliver on the idea). So...even with few expectations, and not expecting anything more than a good "Twilight Zone" episode, I still felt let down. But it wasn't a bad way to spend an hour plus, and I enjoyed watching the actors work their craft and build the mystery in the opening minutes.

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