Tank Girl


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

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Doug Jones as James Whitley
Lori Petty as Steph
Malcolm McDowell as Alberto Antonelli
Naomi Watts as Kitty Fane
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Jakemcclake 5 / 10 / 10

Back in 1995 I was Lookinng For A Sexy Movie and I Found It But Not The Way I Expected

It was a Sunday in April 1995, and that I would find this Tank Girl Movie I saw advertised. I though Tank Girl being a bad ass woman would also be sexy, as I was into that sort of thing. I had to drive about 30 miles to find a theatre that still had it, and finally I found one in another State. Obviously this being a couple weeks after Tank Girl came out, this meant the movie did not do well. I watch Tank Girl and did not realize I was watching the same Lori Petty who played "Kit" the sister of the Baseball Star in "A League Of Our Own". Despite being a badass chick who always rode a Tank, Tank Girl herself was far from sexy. The hair the, tattoos, and the way she dressed, and other things about her were just too manly to be sexy,to me. The movie also interjected Cartoons of Tank Girl throughout, that at times were sexy, but most of the time were not. The movie was really not very entertaining either and featured the typical cliché bad guys, who were, about as predictable as watching clock movement. This movie did not feature any deep thinking, or any original ideas, and was simply meant to entertain us with snappy and sometimes "Off The Wall" one liners from the Tank Girl throughout, which gets old after a while. There is also interspecies issues in the movie, and the less I think about those...the better. I was kind of falling asleep in the theatre. when I noticed that one of women in the movie was changing, that being Jet Girl played by Naomi Watts (with dark hair). At that point without giving too much away, Jet Girl goes from a mumbling, mousy under-confident, and quite unattractive, glasses wearing woman to extremely sweet looking and pretty and at that very same moment... shockingly sadistic and brutal. This contrasting change-over that indicates the prettier, the more brutal, was very shocking and for me super sexy! Jet Girl's changeover is the one thing, I will always remember about this movie.

Reviewed by fredward-22987 3 / 10 / 10

Fun . . .with lots of crazy.

Does not have the same edge as the comic books, but with half of the movie being cartoon sequences it still tries. I often wish they would remake this thing. Maybee if they did what they did with Judge Dredd. If they would get it closer to the comics. With the Dredd movie they still got a lot wrong, but it was better than the Stallone Movie. This movie is much like Stallone's movie in the way that it's limited. I think it was harder to recreate a comic book story in 1995 then now. The movie is a trip though and definitely entertaining. and Yes Ice-T is a giant kangaroo .

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10 / 10


There are many bad comic book adaptations out there, but TANK GIRL ranks as one of the very worst. This is a horribly dated comedy-action film set in a post-apocalyptic world ruled over by an evil megalomaniac, played by Malcolm McDowell with maximum ham. Into this world comes Tank Girl as played by Lori Petty, a loud, bratty, and entirely overbearing young heroine who proceeds to kick plenty of backside as she takes the fight to the bad guys. I remember thinking that Stallone's much-maligned JUDGE DREDD, which came out in the same year, was actually quite a fun film and TANK GIRL serves to prove that opinion; it makes JUDGE DREDD look masterful by comparison. This is a loud, brash, noisy, and stupid film, without an ounce of wit and plenty of stupidity instead. You have to wonder what possessed the producers to make such a derivative and dumb movie, filled with one-dimensional characters and no real plot amid the insanity. Modern viewers can only sit back and wonder at Naomi Watts in an awful early acting performance and the stupidity of the costumes of those kangaroo people which come straight out of a kid's film. So bad it's good? Nah, so bad it's plain silly.

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