Tarzan in Manhattan


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Joe Seneca as Joseph
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by television23 10 / 10 / 10

Tarzan is Evergreen and Everlasting! Loved it!

Enjoyed watching Tarzan in Manhattan and I think Joe Lara is so gorgeous I could watch him forever! I loved the moment with Tarzan and Cheetah together...hilarious... Action, Adventure, Romance, Animals, lots of humor, this TV movie has it all!! Great locations and Tarzan on the bus on top of Times Square is wonderful. The photography is terrific and the sets are super and I loved the fancy house they used for the Brightmore mansion. A definite thumbs up to this family film once again proving that Tarzan is Evergreen and Everlasting!!

Reviewed by Melrosemiss / 10

Fun 2 hours

I will admit I watched it to see JM-V but it was fun for a few hours. Some in other reviews feel Joe Lara was the best Tarzan ever as he portrayed him in 20+ Tarzan movies. I remain astounded by how much he reminds me of Nicolas Cage. I don't think he does a bad job at all, for the kind of movie it is. I will not set out to find the other 19 but I did learn he has become a country singer and has a very nice voice. Check his website or YouTube. So, it was fun for few hours not to have to try to keep plots and characters in mind but just laugh. He is not bad as Tarzan but my favorite remains the Disney animated one, or Alexander Skarsgard! If you enjoy Tarzan movies, this should be fun for you.

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