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Ann-Margret as Bobbie
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ibrahim fattah 8 / 10 / 10

A Good Movie! Recommended!

It's a very good movie! I recommend it for a family night, but there is a scene, where Vanessa (one of the robbers) "touches" Marta's (lieutenant's) breast and butt (not naked). There are some cures too. I hope there will be a second one! It's a combination between a mystery and comedy. If i would put a min age, i would put 14+.

Reviewed by Python Hyena 10 / 10 / 10

Avoid This Taxi.

Taxi (2004): Dir: Tim Story / Cast: Jimmy Fallon, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Esposito, Gisele Bundchen, Henry Simmons: The taxi may be a metaphor for support as Queen Latifah seems to be cop Jimmy Fallon's only form of transportation after losing his driver's license. He is a bad driver and she is a taxi driver who dreams of racing. Her taxi is equipped with every gadget one could ask for but her love life is falling apart with every missed dinner plate. Plot centres around a series of bank robberies performed by four models. This opens the door to much senseless sexual screen time with no point. Latifah and Fallon are the new duo to play off the buddy film comedy and what they deliver is just a series of dreary chase scenes. They will bicker and fight just like others before them, and they will solve the case and become stronger buddies. Director Tim Story does his best. He had success previously with Barbershop but here the script is about the same use as toilet paper. Jennifer Esposito as the Lieutenant is basically there to be body searched by one of the female criminals. The screenplay is about as terrible as Fallon's driving record. In the 1970's there was a classic sitcom that regarded taxis and their drivers. Watching several episodes of that would be superior viewing to this. Perhaps the best idea would be to place this film on the ground and see how many taxi cabs swerve to miss it, or appropriately do it in. Score: 2 / 10

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10 / 10


Hilarious film where a bombastic taxi driver, Queen Latifah, meets up with a policeman who you begin to wonder how he ever became a cop to begin with. He can't drive; he appears to be inept at every turn and he has to take orders from the girl he dated who has now been promoted. The chase scenes are great as Latifah inadvertently becomes involved in the situation when Jimmy Fallon, terrific as the cop, loses his license. The bank robbers are foreign women who are tough to the core. On the way, Latifah gives courage and strength to Fallon and with bold initiative and clever ploys, the two team up to track down the culprits. You know that you're getting older when Ann-Margret plays Fallon's alcoholic mother, and she does a good job at it.

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