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Catalina Denis as la fille a la Smart
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by LazySod 4 / 10 / 10

Please, end it here.

In 1998 taxi pizza delivery guy Daniel became a taxi driver. One that made the streets of Marseille a dangerous place. Emilien, a cop, was there to work against him, and later with him, in pursuit of a gang of bank robbers. This film was fast paced, had a high comedy factor, insanely fast chase scenes and a compelling story. Two sequels were made. Part II was good, part III was OK. Now, Daniel and Emilien return to the screen once more. The story picking up where part III left of - both have a son. The rest of the storyline is continued as well, for the most. Which also means most of the characters from the earlier films return too. The fast paced action is there too, just not in the same amounts as the earlier films. And that's where the painful truth lies. The cow has been milked empty - Taxi 4 is an insult to the first film. There was in total about 15 minutes of worthy film material in this one, and all the rest was rehashed, and badly at that, old material. Anyway, the story in short: more adventures in Marseille with a fast taxi and a slow cop. But not as good as the previous ones, and hopefully the last in the series. The steady decline in quality after the first one is painful to the brain. 4 out of 10 cops run of the road.

Reviewed by b013847 5 / 10 / 10

taxi 4 a movie that does not follow the trilogy

The worst of all the taxi movies. A beautiful car is the only positive object in this picture; Not enough actions scenes and comedy scenes like in the other pictures. You have to be a Belgian for really understanding the dialogs in this movie. Furthermore the dangerous criminal is known as the biggest Flemish menace, apparently the French have forgotten that in Flanders the people speak Dutch. The big lack in this movie is the absence of hot pursuits of the taxi driver like in the other three movies. It's a summery of copies of good scenes from the previous movies but it lacks the magic and comedy of the other taxi movies. The original Luc Besson movie is far more better then this one.

Reviewed by chrichtonsworld 5 / 10 / 10

The weakest of the series

Not much is left of the fast paced action from the original "Taxi"! The only connection between this and the previous movies are the cast and a very short appearance of the taxi driven by Daniel (Samy Naceri)! Everything what I liked about the "Taxi" series is gone! Apart from the climax which looked like a parody on Scarface there is not much action to be enjoyed! There are no car chases and none of the spectacular stunts we are used to from the "Taxi" series! That doesn't mean that "Taxi 4" is a bad movie! It has a lot of funny moments and you will laugh! But with the action missing the well balanced mix of humor and action is lost! It was nice to see the main characters some what matured since they have become parents! But it could have been much nicer if they showed more about the relationship between the heroes and their children! I hope this will be the last in the "Taxi" series! Because it only can get worse and that shouldn't happen! "Taxi 4" is a slapstick comedy that surely will find an audience! But my guess is that a lot of fans from the original Taxi will give this a miss!

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