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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by irwinthedj 1 / 10 / 10

It's just awefull in all aspects.

I was also happy to hear that the 5th part of one of my favorite movies is coming out. But as a saw the picture I was nearly crying of disappointment. What have you done with the wonderful story? Who the hell are all those strange people you are trying to sell as new acts? What happened with the pour ones who are still playing in the movie now? In previous movies Gibert has looked like a silly but very brave and passionate man - now he looks like an idiot. And the biggest question - how, for God's sake, could Luc Besson be a part of this odd piece of garbage? Who wrote all those endless stupid jokes for them? It's not funny at all, it's just weird and disgusting like laughing about handicaps. Where is the charme of Marseille, strong, brave men, beautiful french women, professionally filmed chases, story twists...? Nothing of these left, everything was substituted by cheap plastic imitation. The storyline is as straight and linear as a stick, all actions are either predestinated or boundlessly dumb... At the and I want to add - hey, Luc, I have an idea for you - what about to add a background laughing and give all the actors red clown noses and huge shoes? It would at least give a coup de grâce to a wonderful film franchise, you have unexpectedly misused and trampled into mud.

Reviewed by saxvadze-vako 5 / 10 / 10

Full Disappointment

I dont have words to say, its just a shame. What did they do to the car. they traded it, traded the soul of the movie, i feel terrible that i watched this movie. Taxi lovers dont watch. Daniel would never do this to his car. It was very sad.

Reviewed by BiiivAL 5 / 10 / 10

TAXI 5: Dancing on the bones.

... At first I did not believe my happiness - one-fifth of the legendary "Taxi" will be released. The very same "Taxi", the text of which he knew verbatim! ... Then - was disappointed! Some bald Frenchman and an unsightly Arab - in the lead roles. ... Then he was happy again - how could it be Besson, it's Gibert, it's Allen, these are the heroes from your beloved Pattaya, this is Ramsey's favorite, this is an exciting trailer, this is the recent Marseilles! ... And now - I'm spitting! .. A worthless dummy, which like nothing else personifies modern cinema: bright and beautiful, but inside - emptiness. Not at all ... .. and even ALWAYS the right cliché for any French cinema - the French charm - FIRST on my memory - flies in the fly - and EXACTLY in "Taxi 5"! ... I will not raspusolivat thoughts and will provide to your court, dear reader, all the pros and cons - and you already choose: to look or not ... (After all, maybe I'm wrong in their attitude to this film ...) PROS. Bright, sunny, summer movie - Do not take away! Marcel was not so juicy in any of the past parts. A modern musical series + favorites from the old, and from all four parts. New and alluring perspectives of chases and braking Taxi. For the franchise this innovation, but it looks impressive. Nostalgic cutting of all their previous parts, under the lively and emotional story of Allen - as a tribute to the past and the legendary team that made the franchise a European hit. Sexual actresses. Variety of locations. An easy story. Does not load. Does not remain in memory. He looked and threw it into the urn. I switched to reality. MINUSES. Calcula, crown chips and clichés from all parts in a row. And get off the count from all that is stylized and ALWAYS ALWAYS unsuccessfully interspersed here. As an example: the missing door, grief-loser driver, beauty-blonde, two-wheeled slope, flight with wings, vomit, provocation on the circuit, bandaged Allen and much more. Open spitting to the fans of the saga with phrases in the spirit: "the taxi has died and spit," "that story is old and already finished," and the absence in the cameo of Sami Naseri, Friderik Difenthal, and everyone else! Speed simply is not present !!! Very slow chases, boring and creeping machines! (the first commentators were right!) Humor - I do not know ... Who is funny ... (although there were laughs in the hall, but there was also a solid youth, from the category of adolescents). Personally, I never laughed! On the way from the first part to the fourth, the comedic Boyevik turned into a COMEDY with an action movie. Part 5 - a little more action movie than part 3 or 4. But the jokes over assholes turned into jokes over degenerates and outright morons! Look unbearable! Allen and the ex-commissioner - as an addition. Allen and in the most arrogant manner thrown out on the back of the film in the course of absurdity. Their influence in the film is not felt at all. They are like a symbol - and no more. Gastambid firmly cemented the place for himself and his BROTHER. Anti-heroes (only three / two) are not impressive at all. New chips and non-trivial moves - in general, did not notice. The original always differed amazing humor without vulgarity and muck. Whether it's now: half-mouthed panties, pitted glasses, frank assholes ... Next solo and VSEGEROISKY project in the name of a Frank Gastambid! I have nothing against him as an actor ... Yes, and "Pattaya" is not so bad ... But "Taxi 5" is his failure, where in every shot his heroine mug is everywhere, only he, and only him, and he is cool, and he is super-bike , Super Boy! (all, however, in the spirit of Vin Diesel ...) The cult of the personality of the white taxi is defeated! Now this is a banal machine that MAY lose ... ... should I continue...? CONCLUSION. If there is a possibility to erase memory - erase - and only then go to the cinema! The memory of the glorious past films, glorious times and the beloved Naseri (which is already a month in Russia, by the way) and Difentale - is still alive and no insulting of the whole past from part 5 will eclipse our happy childhood, and maybe someone's youth and youth! Well, if you are ready to laugh with the fingers and sick people shown on the minds of people ... Endure pathos and worthless "This is Marcel, baby - here are their rules" and are ready to see how they are breaking the Legend itself ... ... then you are on the right track to the movies!

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