Teenage Badass



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Julie Ann Emery as Rae Jaffe
Kevin Corrigan as Sal Mancuso
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ymqnret 9 / 10 / 10

Super Fun & Entertaining

Here's a really fun movie with a good storyline that we all enjoyed watching tonight. Multiple age groups and we all had laughs. It's lighthearted wholesome and easy to watch. There aren't many movies that I can honestly say that we all enjoyed watching and hanging out together without someone just sitting though it just to be polite. I actually liked it enough to look up the cast and crew and some interesting factoids about the production as well as leaving my review here which I've never done before, which says a lot actually. Hope you enjoy it as much as we did.

Reviewed by laufeyson-72311 9 / 10 / 10

Boring for anyone who isn't the specific demographic.

Absolutely mind-numbingly boring to anyone that is not a 40-50 year old white guy who had a college band in the Phoenix music scene. It's filled with in-jokes that nobody gets unless they're a 40-50 year old white guy who had a college band in the Phoenix music scene. Couple that with baby boomer style "Marriage is a shackle and wives are horrible!" humor, and you get a film that downright tires anyone under the age of 35. I wouldn't even consider watching if you're a woman. Every single female character revolves around the men. They're completely devoid of character, 2D creatures meant to fill space and give plot points for the leading boys of the film. It's hard to enjoy the film unless you are a very very specific demographic who will understand their bizarrely obscure jokes and references. I get the feeling the film was made less for any type of audience and more for the guys making it to live out some fantasy of how they wish their college band had went. It's not the world's most terrible film if you're the exact target audience, but if you're not you're better off just watching Scott Pilgrim again.

Reviewed by petera00 9 / 10 / 10

Stupid fun

Super entertaining... Jimmy Eat World sucks but this story just reminds me of those insane 2000's movies like spun... just more fun... totally worth the watch.

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