Teenage Bank Heist

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Abbie Cobb as Cassie Aveson
Cassi Thomson as Abbie Duncan
Maeve Quinlan as Joyce Aveson
Rosa Blasi as Agent Christine Mendoza
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by spearseven 3 / 10 / 10

Bad script

Good acting, bad script. The acting is particularly good considering the terrible script. It must be hard to read stupid lines. It really takes some skill to keep a straight face as they do. The FBI defends the guard who shot at a moving vehicle with a hostage. Is this a stupid attempt at gun control politics? I can almost hear the producers, "crap script - but young girls robbing a bank may get enough viewers to turn a profit." Did the director read the script first? He must be desperate for work! There's not much more to say about this movie.

Reviewed by AJSteele 6 / 10 / 10


Thank you. Yes thank you actors, director Doug Campbell, and everyone else who was involved in creating this solid piece of film-making. This is a film you may typically skip over when looking for the big blockbusters, but don't. I actually almost did the aforementioned, but do to my interest in "heist" films, committed the title to memory from Red Box where I saw it, then scanned the web for further info on it. I'm pretty sure this was a direct to home video film from MCI but it plays as good as any high end Hollywood film. This is a "TV movie" because of the affiliation with the Lifetime network but you would never know that to be the case after seeing it in my opinion. Also it is shot in widescreen and doesn't have a clunky TV aura to it. I can tell you that the film is not so much about plotting and planning a bank robbery, but more about the dynamics that reveal themselves in between. The acting is top notch for this kind of budget restricted film, and I can be one tough critic. These are some "giving it all you've got" portrayals that deserve recognition. I was on the seat of my pants waiting for the next twist or latent clue to come that eventually did and never failed to satisfy. "Teenage Bank Heist" has some real actors in it that spout their lines with an incredibly realistic delivery. Almost nothing screamed "fake" to me and the little that did was based in pure sentimentality that works for films anyway. The camera shots were absolutely superb with limited but highly plausible action sequences. I would love to have seen extras on the DVD with interviews or behind the scenes footage but I don't even know if the film-makers knew how good a film they made. Plus, this was probably a package deal that had limitations with its distributing. This goes beyond just renting, its a keeper. I hope it catches on. The players: Maeve Quinlan: Joyce (Cassie's mom played with authentic determination) Abbie Cobb: Cassie (carries the film with bewilderment and empathy) Cassie Thompson: Abbie (knows how a gutsy thinking girl acts) Augie Duke: Maria (rage, spot on, period) Davida Williams: Grace (a quiet loss projected) James Ferris: Nick (has the unstable bad a$* role cornered) Rosa Blasi: Agent Mendoza (this is the FBI- a talented to the core portrayal with sugar on top) The "secondary" cast members more than held their own as well. And yes I know the two female leads Cassie and Abbie must have switched their real names with each other for their characters names- cool.

Reviewed by luvkylie003 6 / 10 / 10

a fun little ride

Well after seeing a lot of 10-star movies lately because of Oscar season, it felt weird seeing one of these movies. but of course this isn't meant to be some mind-blowing thing. Saw it at a party with some friends, didn't think I was going to like it. But it starts off pretty good and teenage girls robbing banks -- hey there's a lot worse, less interesting stuff out there. Acting wasn't too bad. lots of cheesy lines, but I guess you can say a couple of the actresses made lemonade out of lemons. I think overall, if you're young and looking for a little popcorn flick, this is a good choice. its not boring, has an interesting plot, and the girls are pretty of course.

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