Teenage Hitchhikers

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Woodyanders 8 / 10 / 10

Immensely enjoyable 70's road movie exploitation romp

Mouse (adorable Chris Jordan) and Bird (the gorgeous Sandra Peabody of "The Last House on the Left" fame) are a couple of sassy and sexy hitchhikers who embark on a cross country road trip in search of freedom, excitement, and independence. The lovely ladies use their nubile bodies as currency and run across a diverse array of libidinous folks on their journey. Director Gerrie Sedley and writer Rod Whipple astutely nail the aimless wandering spirit of the laid-back early 70's while relating the rambling episodic narrative at a leisurely pace. Of course, they also deliver plenty of tasty female nudity and several sizzling soft-core sex scenes (an uninhibited anything-goes orgy at a wild swingin' party rates as the definite erotic highlight). Moreover, this movie boasts a hilariously breezy sense of distinctly 70's irreverent humor, with loads of sharp sarcastic dialogue (favorite line: "If you want bread, go *beep* a baker!") and inspired oddball moments that include our saucy protagonists dancing topless at a diner for food and a surreal backwoods encounter with a vicious escaped rapist (an amusing performance by Ric Mancini). Jordan and Peabody make for attractive and appealing leads; their nice natural chemistry keeps the picture buzzing throughout. Popping up in nifty supporting parts are the cute Nikki Lynn as mopey virginal innocent Jennie, Claire Wilbur as wealthy predatory lesbian Toni Blake, Peter Carew as jolly traveling salesman Dick Daggart, Kevin Andre as flaky car dealer Farquart, and Ivan Smith as a goofy local yokel cop. Gabriel Merchant's bright cinematography gives the film a pleasing sunny look. The groovy diggin' score offers an eclectic mix of tuneful folk, jaunty ragtime, and get-down funky rock. Good trashy fun.

Reviewed by Hey_Sweden / 10

Engaging exploitation-style road movie.

A free-spirited pair, "Mouse" (Chris Jordan, "Confessions of a Young American Housewife") and "Bird" (Sandra Peabody of the original "The Last House on the Left") are hitchhiking, with no definite destination in mind. Although they eventually connect with a virgin named Jennie (Jenny Lane, "Sexteen"), their story is basically episodic in nature. Among other things, they get singled out by a rich older lesbian (Claire Wilbur, "Score"), tangle with an on-the-loose rapist (Ric Mancini, "Friday the 13th: A New Beginning"), get a ride with a sleazy rock band, and let it all hang out in a climactic orgy. Written by Rod Whipple, and directed by Claude Goddard ("Barbie's Fantasy"), "Teenage Hitchhikers" is good soft core fun. It manages to avoid ever being truly unpleasant, opting instead for a blatantly comedic, loopy approach that will either win over viewers or annoy them. Despite the presence of predatory characters in this yarn, our protagonists are willing participants in some of their escapades and not merely victims. It certainly is enjoyable to see them turn the tables on the rapist, by managing to convince him that he might be "inadequate". The action is often underscored by truly dumb stock music. And if you're reading this and thinking, "Yeah, but what about nudity?", fret not. Characters doff their clothes without a moments' hesitation; there is ample nudity, both female *and* male. The performances are all adequate to the occasion, with Jordan and Peabody showing an impressive amount of poise in front of the camera. Lane kind of overdoes it as the "innocent" of the piece. Mancini is amusing, as is the gawky, dorky Donald Haines as Jennies' boyfriend "Mongo Donny". Camera operator Bill La Mond appears on screen as Wilburs' chauffeur; this also marked the big screen debut of Margaret Whitton, whose career peaked in the 80s with roles in things like "Major League" and "The Secret of My Success". Recommended heartily to aficionados of 70s trash cinema. Seven out of 10.

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