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Hugh Dancy as Jack Ganzer
Malcolm McDowell as Dr. Miles Langford
Melanie Griffith as Toby Roebuck
Rachael Leigh Cook as Frankie Baldwin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Synhed 1 / 10 / 10


The plot of "Tempo" sounded really promising, but the end result is quite frankly horrible. The acting on the part of Hugh Dancy is acceptable, as for Cook it is not up to the standard of her other performances. In all their character's relationship seems utterly unbelievable. Watching Melanie Griffith in Tempo though was a sad experience I could have done without. I remember her from films such as "Working Girl" were she was witty, funny and sexy. In "Tempo" she acts like she is wearing a mask. Her facial expressions are almost non-existent. Another fact that annoyed me with "Tempo" was the obvious lack of detail when it came to locations. The story is supposed to take place in Paris, why is it then that throughout the film, street signs are in German?? Even Munich does not look like Munich.

Reviewed by rdash 5 / 10 / 10

Griffith Shines in Low Budget Thriller

At first look, Tempo has the appearance of a low budget European or Canadian film. While there are some stunning shots of Paris, the overall quality of the film and its special effects are less than average. However, if you can get past that, you discover a great performance by Melanie Griffith. Although you know that you are not suppose to like her character, Melanie's quality of vulnerability has you rooting for her character. Her whispery voice is put to work here in which every man alive just wants to protect her. Her co-star Hugh Dancy also does well in this film and is very believable, while Rachael Leigh Cook doesn't fair so well. I just didn't buy the chemistry between her and Dancy. Although Griffith is old enough to play Dancy's mother, she had much more chemistry with him. While the film will never win an Oscar, and may be predictable, it is a great renter. In fact, what surprises me is something like Tempo doesn't get a theatrical release, but on the other hand we have to put up with garbage like The Guru.

Reviewed by claudio_carvalho 5 / 10 / 10

Only a Reasonable Thriller

In France, Sarah (Melanie Griffith) is a courier of illegal pieces of arts and antiques, living in a borrowed apartment with Jack (Hugh Dancy), a man younger and younger than she. While Sarah is traveling to Munich to bring a rare coin to the criminal Walter Shrenger (Malcolm McDowell), Jack meets Jenny Travile (Rachel Leigh Cook), a silly and irresponsible American girl, who works a fancy jewelery, and they have an affair. Jenny falls in love for him, and exposes the code and the secrets of the store to Jack. Meanwhile, Sarah is stolen in the train in her travel back to Paris, and has to raise US$ 80,000.00 in two days to pay for the lost. She convinces Jack to rob the jewelery with her to raise the money. However, things do not happen how planned. The premise of "Tempo"is not bad, and it could be a good thriller. However, there are many flaws in the screenplay. The character of Sarah is not well developed, and the viewer does not know why she has this type of life, their motives for such a dangerous work, and it is impossible to sympathize with her. Further, the face of Mellanie Griffith is completely destroyed after plastic surgeries, and affects her expressions. There is one site (awfulplasticsurgery.com) relative to awful plastic surgeries in famous people, and unfortunately the surgeries of Mellanie Griffith are mentioned there, showing her lovely and gorgeous face before the plastic surgery, and how she is now. I do not understand how a woman so beautiful like she was can be so deformed! With regard to Jenny, how such a stupid woman can work in a fancy place, being responsible for expensive jewels? How the store does not have cameras for surveillance? How can a woman work in such fancy jewelery wearing jeans, instead of elegant costumes? Rachel Leigh Cook is also horrible in this movie, with long curled hair and ugly clothes. The costume designers were very negligent with the character of Jenny. Last but not the least, the sexual attraction of two women for Jack is a key point in this story. However, the sex scenes are not erotic, and could be better and better. My vote is five. Title (Brazil): "Tempo – Um Questão de Sobrevivência" ("Time – A Question of Surviving")

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