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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Chaser101 6 / 10 / 10

Nice movie

One user comment contains an error that should be rectified. The character of Steve, played by George Murphy, is not the child's (Flavia's) father. His original relationship to the family is unclear, but he's a potential uncle, and the point is that he is a big favorite of this little girl's. Flavia's father appears early in the film, very briefly. He appears to be a music teacher. Steve is unmarried, and one of the major themes in the movie concerns whether he and Susan (the unbelievably pretty Angela Landsbury) can build up a life together after he has been released from prison. Maybe my tolerance for smaltz is higher, I don't find the film to be that cheezy or obvious. It's hard for children to know the difference between fact and fiction, how fiction is often truer in spirit than facts, and how stories help get us through rotten times. (If you notice, Flavia's mother uses stories mostly to console the child). Christmas stories are supposed to be schamltzy, aren't they?

Reviewed by saved4eternity 8 / 10 / 10

A pure delight!

One viewing of Tenth Avenue Angel will not be enough for any real Margaret O'Brien fan. Miss O'Brien tugs at the heartstrings in this lovely holiday story that will have you longing for more! No doubt Margaret O'Brien was one of the most talented young actresses of all time. Her simple beauty, her ability to come across as a real child, and her talent for delivering lengthy lines never fail to astound you. The story is simple but tender, and other leads such as George Murphy and Angela Lansbury, take a backseat to Miss O'Brien. When she is in a scene, you cannot take you eyes off her. Just as in Our Vines Have Tender Grapes, and Lost Angel, Margaret O'Brien is a delight. A don't miss for any fan of hers and an even bigger treat for those who have never seen her films!

Reviewed by jlwalker19-1 8 / 10 / 10

Another good movie for Margaret O'Brien

OK, so it seems a bit cheesy and sentimental and all. So what. I like every movie that Margaret O'Brien is in. The viewer can see things through a little girl's eyes in New York during the Depression. She roller skates around and thinks that Tenth Street is her territory. She idolizes the adults in her life, including her mother and aunt, and a potential fiancée of her aunt, Steve. As the movie progresses, Flavia discovers more and more little white lies that those she loves have told her. She has to deal with it. I loved to see her interaction with her mother, played so well by Phyllis Thaxter, and all of the adults, including the blind man who sells papers and magazines. Of course Margaret O'Brien had to do at least one crying scene, one of her many specialties. She also can deliver a monologue with the best of them, in this case reciting a patriotic speech. She is just mesmerizing in that scene. I teared up a few times and felt good when the movie was over. I don't see this movie as dated. Children have to grow up and move on from fantasies and stories that they have grown up with. That is timeless. I also appreciated the underlying moral to the story of getting answers to prayer and the importance of closeness in families.

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