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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bachito1996 8 / 10 / 10

This movie is amazing

Seriously, this movie is one of the best horror films in years. It was a great and scary surprise when i watched on the theatre (i never except nothing of a horror movie). I hope this movie can be released in other countries, it worth it. By the way, the plot did not answer all of the questions the movie created, so I am waiting for the second part. Please producers and director, do not let me down.

Reviewed by hampersnow-28905 7 / 10 / 10

Genuinely a Scream-Fest

While this is not a perfect horror film, it slows down a bit in parts, it is still one of the better horror films I have seen in a long while. If you watch a horror film and it has you turning lights on and afraid to look under your own bed , you know the people behind it have done their job. Filled with creepy and horrific images, MANY scares, good acting, and a fantastic soundtrack this is bound to become a cult classic. The best part about this film and why it is so genuinely scary, is that the writer and director seem to fully understand our most common fears. At times it is even a bit nerve-racking. Horror films should have you screaming and this one delivers the chills and the screams.

Reviewed by SomaQuest 7 / 10 / 10

Refreshingly Well Done

This Argentinian addition to the horror genre is a refreshing submission from a fledgling director. Written and directed without the usual hubris that we as humans can solve any supernatural problem by basically willing it away and shot in a way which evokes a feeling of being lost from the beginning. Told in a non-linear format with the vantage point being that of multiple characters, each with their own observations and fears keeping the movie fresh through it relatively short run time. With a few masterfully and patiently created scares blended seamlessly into a engrossing and thoughtful plot this film is a welcome addition to the currently bland horror movie genre.

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