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Gerrit Graham as Warren Whitcomb
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Mary Woronov as Daisy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10 / 10

"Man, this is the dumbest movie I ever saw!"

Charles Band and Albert Band's Empire pictures have made some fun productions and "Terrorvision" happens to be one of those inclusions. Wacky sci-fi horror comedy with a terrifically animated cast featuring Mary Woronov, Gerrit Graham, Diana Franklin and John Gries with vividly chintzy special effects by John Carl Buechler. The cartoon-like premise is quite original and mock-serious in its approach, which sees the Puttermans a suburban family getting a new satellite TV which draws in a hungry outer space monster (which looks great). This monster then goes about eating the family, by transporting its self from one TV to another. Everything is done in a comical manner and purposely so, from the flamboyant performances to the colourfully cheap sets and then the creatively grotesque make-up effects. It's downright goofy and surreal, but still far from light-hearted with it streaming with numerous oddball sexual innuendo (especially since Woronov and Graham are playing swingers) and an Elvira like character known as Medusa. Director Ted Nicolaou does a capable job. Diana Franklin is cute and Chad Allen is likable as the young boy who goes up against the beast. While short-lived, it's a constantly amusing tongue-in-cheek outing that's fairly unpredictable, while at the same time haphazard. Despite the fair share of hate, I found it hard not to like this camped-out medium. "What you looking at you creep".

Reviewed by otaku312 7 / 10 / 10

Remember the 80s!

"Terrorvision" is a fun little slab of 80s cheese. With the costumes,(ranging from Yuppie to Metal Head to Cyndi Lauper) slang, set decor, music (including a 5 sec shot of Blackie Lawless from W.A.S.P. >:) ) props (including a hi-fi with the one of the first CD players.) this movie doesn't need carbon dating to show it was made in that era. I first came across this film on the Sci-Fi Channel in the summer of 1999 (the defunct Vestron Television was the ones who distributed the edited mess and judging by the edits made for broadcast, this was aired circa the late 80s when FCC restrictions were *really* tight) I kinda threw it off as a bad movie. Years later, I picked up the complete R-rated video at the local mom-and-pop video store and watched it. The 2nd time around was way better than the first. My opinion changed after seeing the full version. If you like classic B-movie material meshed with the 80s, this is your movie.

Reviewed by Platypuschow 7 / 10 / 10

TerrorVision: Campy horror comedy romp

Terrorvision was one of those 80's cult classics that I never got round to watching until now, I went in expecting very little but came away quite amused. Telling the story of an extraterrestrial being beamed down to earth into a families satellite dish and running rampant with an unearthly hunger its a scifi comedy horror that actually entertains. With a host of familiar faces and a retro soundtrack this creature feature actually looks quite good considering its age. It reminded me of Critters (1986) and alike that the creators didn't take it all too seriously. Over the top, silly yet at the same time quite horrific this is a true 80's gem and a lot of fun. The Good: Great creature effects Likable cast All looks the part The Bad: Feels very dated in places Things I Learnt From This Movie: If you prank call the police they'll block your number Being "Greek" in the swinging world means you're gay

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