Texas Cotton


Crime / Mystery / Western

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May 28, 2020



Jason Douglas as Kurata Shinya
Juliette Danielle as Elsie Grey
Lew Temple as The Garden
Tiffany Shepis as Dorothy
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by flickconn 8 / 10 / 10

Great Texas Crime Movie

I love the Texas crime sub-genre and this is a great entry! I also love Troll 2 starring George Hardy and it was really cool to see him in a serious role here. It was confusing at first because I've only ever seen him in what's now famously the "Best Worst Movie" ever made but he works out well in this, even alongside legends like Lew Temple and Gene Jones.

Reviewed by johnapplebee-95947 9 / 10 / 10

A good watch

A very solid suspense/thriller with a heck of a twist. The sheriff carried the movie very well. I like how they mixed a little humor with it. A good watch

Reviewed by amazeu 9 / 10 / 10

Many character actors in the best roles of their lives.

This film starts out as Andy of Mayberry but the plot thickens into a British formula mystery. George Hardy is a very believable Texas lawman. Jason Douglas is a full of himself small town mayor. Jud Lorman is a prosecutor and when the prosecutor and the mayor are in court together you can't help but reminisce of those to actors in their scene in Jack Reacher. But in this film they both have significant parts and it is easy to see what great actors they are. Gene Jones also gets to show his stuff much more so than he did in No Country for Old Men. The plot of this movie requires you to really concentrate for it to make sense. If you put forth the effort it is a great mystery, if you don't you won't get it. The cinematography is great and the sound track is true Texas. Mike and the Moon Pies "You can't fun out on me" is a real red dirt sensation, too bad it didn't get mor play

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